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    So, I have been listening to some of the Brony music on YouTube, and I have found a song I just had to share. It is called Kindness, and I just feel such a connection with it. (sorry if that seems weird.) I don't think it matters if you are a fan of the show or not, this song is worth listening to.

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    I'm not an MLP fan, but I thought it was a pretty good song. I think it's always healthy to feel a connection with music - it's a positive to feel inspiration or a bond with someone else through anything creative they do (or vice versa). It's even better if we're feeling strong links between ourself, and a song which promotes being caring and understanding, as this song appears to.

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    Thank you I thought it was a very good song, that is why I shared it. I feel a connection to it that I can't describe in words.

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