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Thread: Tummy sleepers and waistband leaks

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    Default Tummy sleepers and waistband leaks

    I was so excited my Biancos arrived yesterday, I had to try them on! Since I have been having a rough few weeks with school, my anti-DL GF even agreed to let me sleep in them

    I bundled up in a Bianco, with a PUL low waistband fleece lined cover, with a onesie over top. over top of that (since my GF does not like any of those things) i wore another t-shirt and boxer briefs.

    I went to bed with a dry diaper, and since I had on so many layers, it was near impossible to keep it dry that night. For the first time ever, I wet in front of my GF. She was asleep, but still a big deal for me. It became an even bigger deal when early in the morning, I flipped over onto my tummy and felt a warm spot growing around my belly button. I squished my diaper out the front of my waistband!

    I was able to clean up the damage before my GF woke up, but I was still upset that that happened! I guess I expected a little more from the Biancos! the back padding was still very dry, I'd only soaked the front.

    I know some are going to suggest a diaper with better wicking, or getting plastic pants, but i would like to hear some other ideas too if they are out there. I'd like to at least use up the rest of those Biancos, and my GF has said a BIG no to plastic pants.

    TLDR other than plastic pants or diapers with better wicking, how to you keep your waistband from leaking while sleeping on your tummy at night?

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    It's really a question of available padding. Unfortunately for you, most adult diapers do not have nearly as much padding in the front as they do in the rear. The only other options I can think of besides the ones you already listed are either find a diaper with more material up front…or wear what you have backwards.

    No, I am not joking. I had this issue myself many years back and discovered that wearing a diaper backwards was very effective for tummy sleeping. It takes some practice, and is definitely for sleeping only, but it works very well to increase the available padding up front. Be aware though, in my experience this is not a cure all. I have found that tummy sleeping is almost more leak prone than side sleeping (always right out of the top of the waistband too). For me, I think it has something to do with body shape and pressure applied to certain areas of the diaper while laying on my back versus on my tummy.

    Of course, everyones experience is bound to be a little different. Hopefully this will help get the thought process going for ya though.

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    I would definitely recommend a nice bed pad. However, your girlfriend might not enjoy it. The other option is boosters. It sounds like the Gerber cloth might improve wicking greatly if you are able to wash them yourself. I doubt your girlfriend would want to be involved in that. I like to stuff a couple in since my disposables are big on me and they are comfortable.

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    you might try pulling the front of your diaper up higher and placing the top tapes at the top of the padding. and or using a diaper doubler placed sideways inside at the top of your diaper.

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    some high waist plastic pants might be a good investment also

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    Well I mostly sleep on my back but I have tried some tummy sleeping. I've done it without leaking too, and put out a couple liters over the night. It's basically a crazy combo of boosters.

    I start with the Bambino Bellissimo, the ultimate nightime diaper in my humble opinion. I then use Total Dry "Ultimate" Boost ups. Two right on top of each other in the front. Then put one on each side front side panel (I had to get some smaller ones for the side panels but maybe you can make the ultimates fit someway). The Total Dry's work great stacked 2 at a time.

    You could also layer two side by side across the top horizontally (over the two ones already inserted vertically). Mega coverage.

    It was heavenly wetting.

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    Maybe pointing down? If you're already doing that then I don't know.

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    I have a little gut so the waistband of the diaper hangs onto my stomach and it acts like a roadblock to urine that would try and punch out. That's why you always hear about finding the right size so you are in a snug fit and you won't worry about potential leakage. Also on another side note, It can also be the angle it is at on how you sleep. The SAP should pick up urine before it would be poured out the top, it's obvious angles that you should try to avoid such as of course side sleeping and upside down turns.

    On the lighter side, that's good that you get to sleep in them with approval but why would you need approval for her? They are yours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    No, I am not joking. I had this issue myself many years back and discovered that wearing a diaper backwards was very effective for tummy sleeping.
    I have to say that I have had the same issue as the OP. I have used the back to front solution with ATNs and it has worked.

    I have also used abena boosters and also Goodnite trufit pads with success.

    The main success I have had though is using the right diaper. I never leak in M4's where I have in every other diaper I have tried (and that is a lot).

    So for the current diapers get some boosters and after that get some samples and see what works for you. All the best.

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    I sleep on side all the time no other way comfy.

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