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Thread: The "Peeing Dream" and wetting the bed.

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    Default The "Peeing Dream" and wetting the bed.

    How often has anyone else here dreamed of peeing in a dream, then wet the bed in real life?

    I've done it once. The only time since being a toddler that I wet the bed.

    I was renting a house in college one year with 3 friends. One night I was sound asleep in my bed. I had this dream that I really, really had to pee. In the dream, I found a restroom, and went to the toilet. I sat down on the toilet (I got out of the habit of peeing standing up a few years prior, about the same time I switched to wearing panties every day) and in the dream I tried to pee.

    I couldn't pee in the dream. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pee. Eventually, I was able to relax and just let it go, and in the dream it felt so good to go, such relief. But oddly, in the dream, my belly started feeling warm and wet, so did my legs, and in the dream I couldn't hear my pee going into the toilet.

    At that moment, I woke up to find myself wetting the bed. I stopped my urination, but my bladder was mostly empty by that point. My bed was soaked, my mattress was soaked, and I was covered in pee.

    I wasn't diapered at the time, at that point in my life I very rarely indulged my ABDL side, maybe one night a year at most, so I wasn't protected. I'll admit, I was half tempted to actually buy diapers and wear them the next night, since I could say I had the excuse that I'd wet the bed the night before, but I was still way too shy. I was afraid of my housemates finding those diapers. They accepted my genderfluid/transgender aspects without question, but I was nowhere near brave enough to open up to them about my love of diapers.

    I stripped my bed and started a load of laundry, then took a shower, all in the middle of the night hoping my roommates wouldn't find out. They never did.

    Since then, a couple of times I've had similar dreams, and have reflexively learned that when I dream I really need to pee, to wake up and not pee in the dream. I guess it's like a kind of lucid dreaming, to recognize that your need to pee is real and not a dream.

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    It wasn't a peeing dream, but about a year and a half ago I woke up and had already started going. Luckily, aside from a bit of a wet spot on my shorts, everything was dry. The disappointing part is I was wearing the nights before and after, that one night was when it happened. And I don't usually wet while asleep even if im wearing, so it was weird.

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    Used to have those dreams alot but now I wear all the time so when they do happen I dont have to change the sheets.

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    It has now happened to me twice!
    the first time was in junior high and i was staying over at a friend's house. i woke up early enough, that cleaned everything up and did laundry before anyone woke up!

    The second time was about a month ago :P Since I had it cleaned up without her knowing, my GF didn't really mind when I did tell her.

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    Just once when I was a teenager, It was the typical dream thinking I am awake and I need to pee, then actually wetting myself, but I didn't had a diaper on

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    I've had it happen twice in the last 2 weeks , 1st I was dreaming I was working wearing a diaper and did a large pee and patted my nice swelled diaper woke up and the diaper was swelled and soaked
    2nd was yesterday woke up to find I had done a large pee as my diaper was quite abit swelled

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    I think I had that happen when I was six. I guess I learned better after that. Now thirty years later since I wear a lot more often I also enjoy that sort of dream more often as well. I maybe wet the bed once or twice a month.

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    I've had dreams of going in diapers or to toilet in dream, but it didn't carry over to reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerProgrammer View Post
    I've had dreams of going in diapers or to toilet in dream, but it didn't carry over to reality.
    Same for me, always dream of that quite a bit. But i havent wet the bed since i was like 6-7

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    My wife had that happen once years ago.

    She suddenly jumped, literally, out of bed, waking me in the process. I rolled over to find her standing beside the bed, legs crossed, with the blanket pulled back and feeling the sheets and muttering. She then quickly ran to the bathroom.

    I turned the light on and looked, and there was a big wet patch on the bottom sheet. She came back in carrying a couple of towels and her panties. When I asked what happened, she told me she had a dream of bursting for a pee, couldn't find a toilet, finally found one, and used it. Then woke up halfway through.

    She put a towel under the sheet, another over the sheet, and another on the floor where she had left a puddle after jumping up. After changing her nightie, she got back into bed a bit upset.

    I told her I didn't care, and even kinda liked it, but as far as she was concerned, it was terrible.

    It never happened again, much to my dismay.

    I was a light bed wetter until nearly 12. Rarely flooded, just wouldn't quite wake up in time. I would usually just leak or dribble slowly, and the sensation would wake me up. Wearing thick cotton training pants and plastic panties would contain it well enough. When this happened, usually once or twice a week, there didn't seem to be a particular themed dream to accompany it, I would just dribble before waking up. On the occasions when I would wet heavily, I would have some form of accompanying dream of wanting to find a toilet then doing so and deliberately letting go. When these dreams happened, I wouldn't wake up in time at all, and would just empty in my sleep completely. Thankfully that wasn't common. Maybe once or twice a month, and always if I was over tired.

    I wore a nappy to bed on Friday and Saturday nights when I was allowed to stay up late, just in case.

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