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Thread: Huggies Overnite or Pampers 7 as Depends Stuffer?

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    Default Huggies Overnite or Pampers 7 as Depends Stuffer?

    Just wondering if you experts on-board could give me your opinion. What would function as the best stuffer in a Depends? A Huggies Overnite 6 or a Pampers Cruiser 7?


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    Didn't even know Huggies had an "overnite" diaper. I guess that's how it is in Australia.

    Anyway, though I haven't tried it, I've heard that baby diapers aren't great stuffers... stuffers are.

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    The overnite definitly, I used to use them as stuffers, and they absorb a little bit more than a normal diaper. Plus, you can cut off the mickey picture and tape it to the front of the depends at least that's what I used to do.

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    I vote for the Huggies overnite. I think it has more absorbency that any baby diaper I have used as a stuffer, and I like it.

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    Umm... as a stuffer... Why would you buy name brands? As a stuffer nearly any nappy would work. I'd go for a semi decent generic brand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidy View Post
    Umm... as a stuffer... Why would you buy name brands? As a stuffer nearly any nappy would work. I'd go for a semi decent generic brand.
    That may be true, but in my experience, the name brand diapers I have tried have more absorbency, and a softer inner layer than the off brand/ generic varieties. I think you could use 2 cheaper diapers, but ultimately it would be more money than just the one good one.

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    I tried using baby diapers as stuffers a few times already, but somehow I don't really know how to do it properly. If I cut the baby diaper, the super absorber falls out when wet, and it itches horribly if it gets in contact with my skin. If I don't cut the outter layer, the diaper leaks way too soon so that I have the same absorbancy as without a stuffer.

    How do you do it to make the stuffers work? Could it not work for me because I wear small diapers instead of medium ones? (The "stuffer" is nearly as wide as the normal diaper you could say)

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    The way I use them is to slice the outer cover of the baby diaper in 4-5 slashes down the center of the diaper, not cutting all the way to either end. I then unfold the stuffer and place it in my diaper a little towards the front and spread it out between the leg cuffs and get everything smoothed out. I fold the wings and tapes on the stuffer back under itself and use the tapes to hold the back down.

    It will shed some of the super gel granules, but if you are careful when placing the stuffer in place (wait to open/ stretch/ tuck until it is where you are going to put it) it shouldn't be too bad. I rarely have a huge blowout, and the cuts allow the extra moisture to wick into the big diaper. I can usually tell that I need to change diapers before the stuffer disintegrates because it gets so bulky.

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    This just gave me a great idea, thanks Lil Snap. I could just use do a few slices in the middle like you described, and to prevent the super absorber from leaking out I'd just put sticky tape about a centimeter around those slizes to have the stuffer sit firmly onto the absorbancy pad of the adult diaper. Even if the ugly stuff gets out, it will stay in it's own area or stick to the tape, not getting onto my skin, and wetness will still be able to get through the slizes and spread from that area via the absorbancy pad of the adult diaper.

    I shall keep you updated if this really works, but just trusting on my luck that no super absorber will touch my skin if I do it your way would make me really nervous, as even the tiniest amount will make my skin itch

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