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    So many rules and guidelines, so daunting! No matter, I think I got this.

    My family has some medical history that has left some of us here and there in ways disabled and incontinent, including my brother. I myself am not (yet) presently among them but somehow picked up a DL (and furry) bent somewhere along the way. I suppose I was introduced to the idea of 'some people get to wear diapers forever' from a young age and perhaps it stuck. But at the same time I'm at a serious genetic risk for physical deterioration, so maybe I'm subconciously preparing for what may come. Human psychology, so mysterious.

    I'm a financial analyst, a gay man and common law married. I play games in my spare time but am maybe trying for more hobbies or people to talk to, since my spouse and I work different shifts so sometimes I have too much time on my hands. I keep a broad, muscular physique, which ought to be helpful in case my health ever goes south, but sometimes it can be a diapering challenge.

    I dunno what I want out of here exactly. I used some of your brand recommendations to order something new I'm pretty sure will be better than what I have. Thanks, by the way. I think I already know most of the general tips & tricks & such, but I'm sure I'll pick up some bits of wisdom. I suppose so far I like what I saw and want to see more.

    Hello and good day to you!

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    Welcome to ADISC! You seem to have a pretty well constructed intro, not too long but not too short. BUT!!! You didn't answer my favorite question: do you have any pets? :3

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    Did the site go down? I couldn't get it to load for a couple days straight. Wah.

    I have a ginger cat and a tree frog, they entertain each other.

    I have a big old box of Dry 24/7s just arrived, such excitement. I only had Tranquiltys for ages because it's what the local store sells. Seems like I should blast some confetti into the air or something as I open it.

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