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Thread: Comficare L10 what a diaper !

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    Default Comficare L10 what a diaper !

    Last week I brought 4 packs of Comficare L10 last week .
    what a diaper :smile1: very very absorbent to the point that I haven't leaked at night since wearing them unlike all the others of similar absorbency I've used .
    It was summed up by today as I work nights I come home have 2 cups of tea then go to bed I woke up 3 hours later to a very swelled wet but not soggy diaper :sweatdrop: so I must have been quite busting when I finally let go

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    These were my first adult diaper / nappy. Really comfy and almost limitless absorbence.

    Been in these on and off for 6 months. Expensive but a nice weekend treat.


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