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Thread: Love at first sight?

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    Default Love at first sight?

    Does ADISC believe in love at first sight?
    The moment you see them, you know instantly, "I know that they're the one for me."
    You just get that vibe that you want to be with them, to know them, to love them.
    Do you believe?

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    No way.

    I don't think a person can fall in love when they first meet somebody, because all you've got to go off is appearance; and the personality you see on a first meeting is only going to show one side of them: the side they show to people they don't know yet!

    Unless you bumped into somebody who was doing exactly the right thing at the right time, and that action seemed to portray the person's personality and it struck you exactly in the right way... maybe. But that's just in films.

    Maybe it depends on what 'love' actually is. For me it requires knowing somebody very well, something that doesn't happen at first sight.

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    :bunny: I believe in love at first sight. This doesn't mean love can't come any other way. I tend to be quite emotional/intense anyway, so in most cases I would be either really into love or not at all. I fell in love with my wife the moment we met, September 29, 2004, and fall more deeply in love with her every day. :bunny:

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    Nope. I think love takes time, lust can happen simply with a look. In my opinion.

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    I think you can.

    I think it also depends on if you want to or not sometimes...

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    Well, at first sight you know nothing about the person so you could unknowingly be looking at your would-be arch-nemesis... like the first guy I ever had a crush on... He was a nasty bitch.
    Anyway... if you feel a great deal of attraction or affection for someone at first sight you could still go for it and be lucky and have it develop into love.
    Love is really an interesting word. One often needs to wonder what love really is. I believe that when one is in love, they know they are in love. However, I also believe that many people believe themselves to be in love when they are not. Therefore lately I am very careful about how I use that word. If I feel tempted to say it, I often refrain.

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    Breaking News: Kylie Minogue says YES!

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