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Thread: Having a 'Middle' side?

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    Default Having a 'Middle' side?

    I was listening an old episode of The Big Little Podcast during lunch, and one of the terms they used was a 'Middle'. Obviously everyone knows what a Big and a Little are, but middles were a new thing to me. Apparently a Middle is someone who likes to play an LK or even tween/teenager role, and act in a way where they can baby (or boss around) a Little, whilst also being under the control of a caretaker - meaning they operate in a twofold way, being in both a position of power and of vulnerability, often in the same instant.

    Has anyone here had experience of being a Middle, or likes the idea of being that playful older kid who can look after the littles, but still needs/wants a caretaker?

    I hadn't really thought about it myself, but the slightly older and more playful aspects of my little side include having a Baby Stella doll which I like to feed bottle to, dress in cute outfits and tuck up in her sleepsac. I find it nice to take on the traditionally caretaker role of doing the nurturing, whilst still having the vulnerability and mindset of someone much younger than my biological age.

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    I have never gone full "Middle" but I tend to find when I play my 6-10 year old self (which is my usual) I often take a similar "role" with the other Littles and Babies who tend to go for younger routes. I tend to just refer it as a super-helpful big girl babysitter thing, but that's cute. I've never heard of it described like that. Pretty neat. I would love to see more of them around! Seems pretty fun!

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    Never really thought of it in that context. I almost always am older (6-9) and being taken care of by a parent, but it never occurred to me that I might also help take care of an infant or toddler. The only time younger characters come into play is when I have a younger sibling or relative who is a traditional age to be diapered (aka 1-2 if they wear full time or 3-4 if they only need them at night) and it is used to highlight the fact that I am definitely too old for the diaper or pull up. I think I might try that in the coming weeks; I was always interested in helping take care of younger kids even when I wasn't much older than they were, so it shouldn't be much of a stretch for me to create the context for that situation. Thanks.

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    I have a Middle but she doesn't show up unless I leave the house or am around family and they piss me off. Most of the time I'm just a Little.

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    I consider myself to have a 'middle' side of about 12 (and another of about 14, but that's a 'bad' part of me :P). She's about as good at looking after babies as I was at that age, i.e. very uncomfortable and nervous around them. Still, I suppose she would be able to help look after a younger little if a caretaker was there, I've never tried it. Normally I'm a bit older than the other littles around and tend to be a bossy brat to them - who's then reprimanded by the adults, heehee X3

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    It's not something I had considered, until now! I like the idea of that.
    My little is between 7-12, and I have yearned for a like minded playmate of the same age, but now I can see a whole new realm of possibilities with that.
    #Sighs. Just another unfulfilled dream to consider, lol.

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    I've actually encountered several people who identify solely as a middle on r/littlespace. I had no idea they existed until then but I guess they do.

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