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Thread: Hello from down under

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    Default Hello from down under

    Hi peeps

    So thought I should finally make an account, I'm a 19yo aussie from Queensland exploring my diaper loving side.

    A bit about me: I love art, I am currently trying to build my skill up, live a bit rural, love the rain.

    Looking for some mates so send me a message!


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    Hey there, mate. Always glad to welcome new Aussies to the site. You needn't worry about searching for friends, as you'll find that plenty of people on here are a bunch of fun to be around and are more than willing to help each other out.

    I'm big on art myself, though I am more of an illustrator. I'm currently in an illustration degree at university, and have contributed a few of my own drawings for the ABDL community. So, what kind of art do you like to do?

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    Oh well hello there up in Rocky. Nice to see you....welcome. I'm an artist also....and rural too lol.

    Hope you enjoy finding your way's quite a cool place with a ton of helpful peeps.

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    Hey Swampert

    Love the pokemon drawing it looks so cool! I enjoy most art, its a big passion of mine. As for what I make I give anything a go, but mostly I just draw some abstract stuff in my sketchbook haha. I'm hoping next year I can start in an art course

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks ozbub, It seems really friendly so far

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    Haha sounds like me. I've been turning my abstract sketches into abstract paintings at Uni .... Pretty cool. You should definitely try and go for a course if you can. Sometimes it's a bit of a pain, but it's a great motivator.

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    Yeah, it's definitely way cooler for me at least, to explore random possibilities with art .... I do like creating all kinds of art, but I especially enjoy the challenge in getting abstract stuff to work.

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    I do these paintings sometimes just using my hands to blend the colours, they turn out really good, i can get some good solid lines with it as well

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    Yeah that sounds awesome, getting in touch with the medium. That almost sounds like sculpting with the paint.

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