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    First, thanks to all of you for taking time to post, it is obvious than many of you are very thoughtful and it really makes it an interesting place to hang out.
    I have not started many threads, as I don't want to 'waste bandwidth' so to speak. I have been thinking about this for a while and curiosity got the best of me.

    There are many interesting aspects of our lifestyle, some really important to a few, and so insignificant to others. Of the many interesting aspects of our lifestyle, shopping ranks high on the list for me. I know we all have many things in common, and I am sure that we have just as many differences. So my question to you is simple. How does shopping rank in your world?

    Do you like to learn about new products?
    For instance, when I see new products, I have a hard time not buying one just to give it a try. I enjoy keeping up on the latest products and hearing what everyone else thinks of them. It is really not what is the best, it is what is best for you (functional/comfortable/inconspicuous).

    Where do you shop?
    This may seem like a really dumb question to the younger crowd; the only place to shop is on the net right? If you have been around for a few (many) years, that is not the case. Does any one like to shop in person (very few places exist for DLs), but there are a few, and I am drawn to them like a moth to light. I find it interesting to meet and talk about products and actually interact with the people that were brave enough to publicly enter into this arena.

    What about shopping in Medical supply stores? Although it has become kind of boring over the last 10 years (there are only a few name brands sold now and mostly disposables), It has not always been that way. 15 years ago BabyKins sold their products to medical supply stores, and that is how I discovered real DL products (before USENET and

    Any way, I am not affiliated with any AB/DL business and never will be, but I am interested to hear from other brothers from different mothers, and sisters from different misters LOL

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    When I was first ordering diapers and plastic pants on line, I was very excited as each thing arrived. I still am to some extent, and yes, there still are new things to buy. My last big plunge was to buy training pants from Baby Pants. I now have seven, one for each day of the week.

    I still love going through a store that has a baby isle or section, like Toys R Us. Sometimes I'll even buy XL Goodnites in a store because I enjoy the risk of someone thinking they're for me, and that I'm an adult baby. Sigh.....

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    I've only *shopped* once and it was in a medical supply place here I'd gone to get some things for my wife who had suffered a broken leg. I ended up buying some absorbent bed pads for myself. Their disposable diaper selection was awful. But you've given me an idea and I think I'll seek out some other supply stores to check out. Not ALL shopping must be done on the 'net.

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    Most of the medical supply stores in my area don't carry much of a selection. If the carry Molicare Diapers‎, that is unusual, and very few carry plastic pants. Most of the ones that actually carry plastic pants are the inexpensive medical looking (Salk ??). I actually went to Canada on a business trip and stopped in at BabyKins, but that has been 15-17 years ago. I thought it was really cool to actually shop and sift through a great selection of plastic pants, and adult cloth diapers.

    If I run into anything in the San Francisco area, I will make sure an post it.

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