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  • 1: no sexual interest in diapers/ABDL stuff

    6 5.08%
  • 2

    5 4.24%
  • 3

    16 13.56%
  • 4

    9 7.63%
  • 5: half ABDL, half other stuff

    29 24.58%
  • 6

    4 3.39%
  • 7

    14 11.86%
  • 8

    23 19.49%
  • 9

    8 6.78%
  • 10: only turned on by diapers/ABDL stuff

    4 3.39%
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Thread: another sexuality poll

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    Default another sexuality poll

    i couldn't think of a thread title that would describe my question, so read this post carefully. this is NOT about how often or how much you're turned on by diapers, it's about the extent to which your sexuality is about diapers/infantilism.

    for example, i don't find people sexually attractive at all. i'm not turned on by anything that doesn't have to do with diapers. i'm not even interested in pictures of people in diapers -- i only like wearing them myself. i marked ten, because my sexuality is 100% AB/DL-related.

    some people get off to diapers, but they also find the opposite gender sexy, or the same gender, or furries, or chickens, or alarm clocks.

    mark 1 if you don't have even the tiniest sexual interest in diapers or infantilism -- it's exclusively a non-sexual interest for you.

    i got curious about this while i was reading other threads, and as far as i can remember we've never had this particular poll before. i hope i'm right about that.

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    Well, I'm pretty much a TB, more than a DL, but I'm still pretty turned on by diapers and such. I'd probably mark myself as a 4, since I'm not quite at halfway P:

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    just to clarify, this has nothing to do with whether you find diapers sexual all the time, some of the time, or never. this is NOT a sexuality vs comfort thread; that's been done to death.

    personally i use diapers for comfort these days far more often than i use them for sexual reasons. but when i DO start thinking sexual thoughts, they're always about diapers. that's why i marked 10.

    does that make sense?

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    Meh... I voted an 8. They're most frequently my focus, but there are other things I can get off to.

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    It's the main thing for me, although that includes the broader BDSM element that my ABism comes from.
    I don't really find much normal stuff sexual.

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    I voted 1, never been sexually interested in diapers or being a baby, and I don't think I ever will, considering I cry my eyes out when the sexual aspect comes into play while I'm being a baby.

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    I put 7...For now though...When I am in the mood for something else, I think that number would decrease slightly

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    Hmm, it isn't often sexual for me, but when something is sexual it often is diapers. Hmm, I have to say around a 7 or an 8. I will go for an 8. And even what else there is isn't exactly normal. I am not very sexually minded as a person, but what there is is incredibly kinky.

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    I'd say 8. I'm not all about the diapers and can get off to "normal" stuff. However, adding diapers to the mix always makes it even better. Most of the time it seems kind of boring without them.

    On occasion they're not involved at all and it's pretty much the good old sex. Other times they may be replaced by some other kink of mine. Still, they're there at least 80%.

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    I'd say I'm an 8. Diapers are definetly my biggest turn on, but I don't need them to get off. I've never had a girl friend that was into diapers so they've never been part of having sex but I think when I do find a girl who is accepting it will make things much more interesting to say the least .

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