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Thread: Do you like your hometown?

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    Default Do you like your hometown?

    After a visit home during the weekend, I was thinking about this, and decided I quite do. I grew up in a small, fairly quiet and affluent little town in Cheshire, about 15 miles from Manchester (where I live now). I wasn't keen on it as a teenager, because it was boring and quite old-fashioned and conservative - though I always appreciated living near some attractive countryside. However, when I went away to University, I began to appreciate the place more, as it was nice to come home from living in a City to being in a small town where you know most of the people you see in the pub or at the shops.

    How about fellow ADISCers? How do you feel about the city/town/village where you grew up, and has your opinion of it changed over the years.

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    I do somewhat miss my hometown, havent been there in over 15 years. but i'm also happy where im at right now.

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    I miss it. My town was a functional little unit growing up. Unfortunately, as with many towns, these things got pushed out by bigger chain stores and now it's down to being a tourist trap. I suppose I should be glad that it can manage to generate tourist income but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth knowing how alive it once was. Where I live now is more like it was, so I guess I've taken some of the best parts with me.

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    I've lived in 3 places since birth , the first being a small Surrey village , you knew every one and had great community spirit and miss it but couldn't afford to move back there being prime commuter belt
    Second was Worthing on the south English coast to full of old people and don't miss it
    Now I live in Hampshire in Gosport ,pain in the arse to get in and out of but all family are here

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    The town I was born in has some memories, but it was al a part of LA.

    The town I spent most of my life especially when I grew up is always in my memories, but it has grown up so much and no longer the little town that I remember.

    I even moved out with no regrets because. My Son was not getting an education there, the school was more concern in keeping the gangs under control and dumbing down the education to get to no one left behind status.

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    I personally dislike my hometown. It's a sad little place with nothing nothing to do. You have to leave town just to find something to do. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkBabyMagicain View Post
    I personally dislike my hometown. It's a sad little place with nothing nothing to do. You have to leave town just to find something to do. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.
    I can relate to this one.

    It is not my home town, but the closes "town" to us when we lived in Arizona was Winslow. After you stand on the corner, there is nothing else to do, but go to Flagstaff.

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    I miss my old town south central Montana. I miss that I could go anywhere and never get lost. Here in south eastern Washington I get lost easy haha but thanks to technology I always find my way home.

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    I dont really miss my hometown specifically. I mean, I'd move back in a heartbeat, and I'm definitely familiar with the place. But I don't miss it much sentimentally. But I really do hate living in the city here. I mean, I'm on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, so its not too bad as long as I can manage with whats within 15 minutes of here, but I hate having to go into downtown. Back home, roads aren't really packed like here so there's that, plus its very rural. So, in a weird way, I miss my hometown, but not really because it's my hometown. It's just a nice place, especially compared to here.

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    I don't like my hometown. It's over-run with paranoid, gun-toting, fundamentalists. I only go back because I love my mom and brothers who aren't paranoid or fundamentalist.

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