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Thread: Most inportant part of a diaper

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    Default Most inportant part of a diaper

    I thought with so many of us loving our diapers. I was wondering what everyone thinks the most important part their diapers are?
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    I think how absorbent it is seems important, but that's just me.

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    The best part to me is the seat. I would remember times on hard-wooden chairs or anything rough and we all would have to rely on our soft butts or something that it wasn't enough. That's when the plastic-backed diapers came in and saved the day!

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    The most important thing for me would be absorency and if it fits comfortable.

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    I wear diapers for difference reasons. Security, overnight protection, and daily protection.
    I wear pull-ups for security and I think the most important part of pull-ups are the fit and over design of the diaper. Absorbency is not as important simply because pull-ups are not designed for adult urine flow.
    I like wearing Tena's and Molicare to bed because they are plain with fantastic absorbency.
    I wear Bambino Bellissimo and Teddy during the day because they are cute, comfortable and fun. DC Amor, as well. But because these are a bit pricey, I tend to wear them for special occasions only.

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    I'm a bit with BWN above, I keep a variety on-hand because I value different things at different times.

    Overnight I need capacity and leakproofness. Thicker is better, even if I'm not waking up wet.

    Daytime at work I need stealth, durability, and low cost.

    lounging at home I look for best comfort, look, feel, and good averages on the other attributes.

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    The feel for me.
    The more babyish the better .
    Poofy baby plastic pants thick cloth diapers and disposable thick and printed .
    Confort being my thing.

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    I like to know it wont leak. That's my big thing. But to not leak, it needs both good leg guards and also great absorbency.

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    The more important thing for me right above absorbency and padding is biuld quality. I've had some diapers start falling apart during daily activities; elastics break, inner seperation from backing and tapes ripping from wings. I don't like having tapes pop mid conversation or the elastic in the standing leak gaurds failing when an accident happens or SAP falling out during a change. I like it when the diaper is biult proper and those things aren't making my day rough.

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