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Thread: Favorite Pokemon!

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    Default Favorite Pokemon!

    This has probably been done like a bajillion times before here, or at least something similar has. But I'll give it a shot here.

    I was feeling a little inspired by a meme I once partook of on DeviantART a while back, and thought I'd try something a little similar here for fun. It's a meme about what your favorite Pokemon are. However, there's a twist, name a favorite Pokemon for each of the eighteen types in the game. If you want that is.

    I suppose since I am the one making this thread. I should start. *ahem*

    Normal: Persian
    Fire: Charizard
    Fighting: Machoke
    Water: Croconaw
    Flying: Braviary
    Grass: Meganium
    Poison: Nidoqueen
    Electric: Magneton
    Ground: Flygon
    Psychic: Slowking
    Rock: Rhydon
    Ice: Lapras
    Bug: Scyther
    Dragon: Dragonite
    Ghost: Gengar
    Dark: Sneasel
    Steel: Aggron
    Fairy: Azumarill

    Thanks for your time, and thanks to aquamizuko on DeviantART for the original idea. ^^

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    This is a thread I can deal with

    Normal: Meloetta
    Fire: Charizard
    Fighting: Primeape
    Water: Totodile
    Flying: Pidgeot
    Grass: SNIVY
    Poison: Nidoqueen
    Electric: Eelektross
    Ground: Flygon
    Psychic: Reuniclus
    Rock: Gigalith
    Ice: Vanilluxe
    Bug: Scizor
    Dragon: Haxorus
    Ghost: Drifblim
    Dark: Zoroark
    Steel: Klinklang
    Fairy: Never played X or Y

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    Normal: Meowth
    Fire: Typhlosion
    Fighting: Toxicroak
    Water: Rotom-Wash
    Flying: Noibat
    Grass: Pumpkaboo
    Poison: Nidoking
    Electric: Heliolisk
    Ground: Larvitar!
    Psychic: Mew
    Rock: Tyranitar
    Ice: Glaceon (oddly enough, this is the only pokemon on this list I've never used)
    Bug: Shuckle
    Dragon: Noivern
    Ghost: Gourgeist
    Dark: Well, I already listed Tyranitar, so imma go with Zoroark
    Steel: Jirachi
    Fairy: Klefki

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    Normal: Exploud
    Fire: Chandelure
    Fighting: Mienshao
    Water: SWAMPERT
    Flying: Hawlucha
    Grass: Sawsbuck
    Poison: Seviper
    Electric: Joltik
    Ground: Sandslash
    Psychic: Starmie
    Rock: Rampardos
    Ice: Froslass
    Bug: Scolipede
    Dragon: Zygarde
    Ghost: Gourgeist
    Dark: Greninja
    Steel: Lairon
    Fairy: Sylveon
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    Normal: Zangoose
    Fire: Volcarona
    Fighting: Blaziken
    Water: Squirtle
    Flying: Yanmega
    Grass: Whimsicott
    Poison: Crobat
    Electric: Raichu
    Ground: Sandslash
    Psychic: Gardevoir
    Rock: Kabutops
    Ice: Froslass
    Bug: Beedrill
    Dragon: Flygon
    Ghost: Haunter
    Dark: Greninja
    Steel: Scizor
    Fairy: Mawile

    Mawile is my top favorite tho :3

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    A handful of these are just because they're cute.

    Normal: Porygon
    Fire: Charizard
    Fighting: Lucario
    Water: Vaporeon
    Flying: Pidgeto
    Grass: Celebi
    Poison: Crobat
    Electric: Raichu
    Ground: Flygon
    Psychic: Espeon
    Rock: Golem
    Ice: Delibird
    Bug: Scyther
    Dragon: Flygon
    Ghost: Gengar
    Dark: Umbreon
    Steel: Aggron
    Fairy: Togepi

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    I will get old school here because I haven't played a new gen game since 3. I know very little about 4 and am clueless on 5 and 6.

    Normal: Meowth OR Clefairy
    Fire: Magmar
    Fighting: Blazekin
    Water: Poliwhirl
    Flying: Pidgeotto
    Grass: Jumpluff
    Poison: Ariados
    Electric: Raichu
    Ground: Sandshrew
    Psychic: Espeon
    Rock: Lunatone
    Ice: Sneasel
    Bug: Butterfree
    Dragon: Flygon
    Ghost: Duskull
    Dark: Umbreon
    Steel: Metagros
    Fairy: ?

    Butterfree and Jumpluff are some of the most under rated so I had to add them lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heroine View Post
    Ice: Snivel
    Snivel? Don't you mean Sneasel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySwampert View Post
    Snivel? Don't you mean Sneasel?
    ...yes. Nice catch. Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillySwampert View Post
    Copycat on what I did! I saw what you did haha

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