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Thread: Ordered but yodel messed up!!

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    Default Ordered but yodel messed up!!

    So I ordered 2 packs of tena slip maxi the plastic ones!! Pretty good find here in the uk if I do say so my self!!

    Any way was expecting them Wednesday and guess what! There still not here

    According to the tracking thing on there website they left the place they were sent from at 10.40 and never turned up at my local depot!

    I'm running low now any one else have any problems with yodel?

    And where can I get some nappies/diapers in uk shops?

    Ta x

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    Asda do tena super
    And yodel are crap
    I order from save express who are german and stuff comes by Parcelforce

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    If you are in London any time, go to John Bell & Croyden in Wigmore Street. They stock all the Tena range including the plastic backed maxi slips. They are a big pharmacy ... go right to the back of the store and you'll find everything displayed there.

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    yodel suck i got my first pack of abena from them and they messed up i eventualy had to go to the depo...ahh well it ended well poped into asda toilets on the way home to pop one on felt great

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    yodel are pants but i had to use them for a while, moved on to comficare now and they use dhl

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