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Thread: Diapee Rash prevention and other tips for Newbie to care products.

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    Question Diapee Rash prevention and other tips for Newbie to care products.

    Hey i need some tips please for how i should or could use rash cream with other products since i'm new to ABDL scene and using baby products. I would love even more advice i could use for my new Desitin Cream.

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    Very helpful link you can visit:

    This is suited for the baby scene but why do you think we are called Ab/DL

    This is a most common trick for preventing/treating diaper rash and most common methods are baby powder before padding up and when changing. Another thing is cleaning up with baby wipes before/after padding.

    Here's some treatments from this website: (It's also in the quote below)

    • Keep your child clean and dry by changing his diaper frequently. That may mean getting him up at night for a diaper change
    • Rinse his diaper area well at each diaper change. Don't use wipes that contain alcohol or fragrance. Some parents keep cotton balls and a squirt bottle or an insulated container of warm water at the changing table for easy, gentle cleanups.
    • Pat your child's skin dry — don't rub!
    • Use an ointment that forms a protective barrier on the skin after every diaper change to help protect your child's irritated skin from stool and urine. There are several good barrier ointments on the market, including petroleum ointment or petroleum jelly, nonpetroleum jelly, lanolin products, and white zinc oxide.
    • Put your child's diaper on loosely or use a diaper that's a little big on him to allow for better air circulation. If you buy disposables, try a different brand to see if that helps.There are varieties for sensitive skin, for example, and extra-absorbent options will pull more moisture away from your child's skin.
    • When the weather is warm and your child can play outside or in a room with a floor that's easy to clean, leave his diaper (and ointment) off for as long as possible every day. Exposure to the air will speed healing.
    • Consider letting your child sleep with a bare bottom whenever he has a rash. A plastic sheet under the cloth one will help protect the mattress.
    I would recommend only using so much so you don't waste too much. They help of course but you don't want to use too much and throw away money like that. A decent amount of powder and a few wipes (2-3 wipes) should be useful and plenty for a clean and fun time while padded and preventing rash.

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    LOL your humor why do you think were called ABDL.
    I do use the Desitin cream in morning and a bit of baby powder since am a soggy bum all day. So i just want more tips and more point of views to look at.
    I'm not a silly. I say as on heady singing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BordercollieTrigger View Post
    LOL your humor why do you think were called ABDL.
    I do use the Desitin cream in morning and a bit of baby powder since am a soggy bum all day. So i just want more tips and more point of views to look at.
    I'm not a silly. I say as on heady singing.
    I never used creme so I can only direct you to a link:

    I only used powder and wipes back in June.

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    Many people like powder, but I'm not sure it is for more than just the smell. Our experience with our kids was that the powder mostly just caked and made an irritating (in all relevant senses) paste. Consequently, I have not had experience with powder on my own. If you use powder, you might want to consider corn starch or a corn starch based powder rather than talc. (Look it up.)

    I use (generic) A&D routinely, although we used it only sporadically with our kids---but we changed our kids a lot sooner than I change myself. I also occasionally use zinc oxide barrier cream instead if I suspect I'm really going to end up with a toxic diaper.

    I have to be careful about irritation, particularly around the legs and waist, but have never really had a problem with actual diaper rash. So you may not need the ointment in the places you think you do and you might need it in places you haven't thought about.

    The most important thing is to clean up and dry carefully, I think.

    And I would not recommend both powder and ointment or cream.

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    I dont need cream much more i just was starting to get sensitive and i did ask someone else if it would be ok. But i will stick ot powder then for now. That one piece of advice was good.

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    I've looked into the topic myself and seems that general consensus among parents is that baby powder is not needed (most are worried about their baby breathing it in). Alot of places say that lotion on its own is fine, and you only need rash cream if you actually have a rash. But Im no expert so take this with a grain of salt.

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    I use both powder (J&J corn starch) and cream (Desitin) on a daily basis during diaper changes. Here's my advice. Change into a dry diaper about every 3 to 4 hours during the day. Use wipes during the change (I use Huggies). And use a small amount of cream on the lower genitals and butt (the size of a pencil eraser) and then follow with light sprinkles of powder. You don't need much of either. Rashes are more likely when staying in a wet diaper for long periods or staying messy for more than 15 min. If you do get a bad rash, I use powder with miconazole and it clears it up in 2 to 3 days.

    If you have to go without one, use just the cream. Both powder and cream are best for prevention of rashes and not that great at treating them.

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    I use the exact things a little of Desitin Cream and JJ Corn Starch baby powder to prevent rash since i'm soggy all day want preventative measures. But only apply cream once in morning after shower.

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    Your skin will be a bit more delicate right after a shower. If possible, get dried off and let your skin finish air drying for a little bit (10 min?) before applying any cremes or powders.

    Powder doesn't help with wetness. It's good for keeping air on your skin so you don't sweat, and also helps prevent friction. Once powder gets wet, you lose ALL benefit from it. So it's not a good solution to being wet all day. Lotion helps slightly. What you may be looking for is a "barrier cream". ie something that coats your skin and stays there, keeping wetness away from your skin for an extended time. Ask your local pharmacist what choice of barrier creames they have on hand. Vasseline (generically "petroleum jelly") is the most basic barrier treatment, but petroleum products don't play nice with latex and rubber products. Vasseline will shred leg elastic (or worse yet, unglue it from the leg cuffs) in very short order. ALL cremes and lotions will interfere with liquid absorption of your diaper's padding.

    I believe Desitin is classified as a barrier creme.

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