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Thread: ConfiDry Issues

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    Default ConfiDry Issues

    I have ordered two cases of 18 from XP Medical, and both have had defects. I am wondering if others have been having issues?
    The first case had rips in the plastic, tears in the actual SAP, and the wings were extremely thin.
    The replacement case has no rips and the wings are normal sized, but still tears in the actual SAP.
    It's very strange.
    I emailed the owner and said I am done with them for awhile, and that maybe he should look into Confidry's production as of late.

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    U should ask them for replacement cases, before just giving up on xpmed, they're pretty good about helping out customers, I just opened a pack of dry 24/7 from a case I just got yesterday and no issues. But the moment I encounter any problems I'll email them. Diapers are way to expensibe to just not try to get a refund or replacement

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    Well, they already sent me one replacement case. I don't wanna try my luck and ask for another. It's not Gary's fault at all, I don't blame him. Bad luck I guess

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    Yup, probly I get a case of m4 every month from them and don't have many problems.

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    I have ordered several cases, and never had a problem.

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    I've only ordered two cases, both from Comfidrys site, and thankfully have had no issues.

    I hope your experience gets better.

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    I had ordered three cases before my issues with them arose. Hopefully this is just a fluke

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    I've ordered a number of cases of CD and only gotten one defective diaper. It was weird, it was a mutant, with two overlapping rear panels and a total of 8 tapes... :P I haven't seen any basic physical defects like damaged shell, missing tapes, etc. From time to time I get a stamp-out from a side that got cut that made it to the folder though.

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    Attachment 22616 hopefully this worked, I've never uploaded a pic or video. One issue is tape placements on the small diapers. I've asked which placement is there standard and I've never received a response back to the answer. I've received discounts on cases and a free case due to their product issues.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry, I've tried to up load a video of the issues from my iPad but it's not allowing me to. Anyone knows how/advice let me know.

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    I ordered a case of Confidrys a while back and each bag of the 3 is different. The first bag was pretty good, the second was mostly all cut off center front to back. This left the back 4 inches longer than the front and I could barely use them. Some were worse than others. The quality control was just not there. I haven't opened the 3rd bag because in the meantime I ordered a case of the new Northshorecare ones and was going thru those.

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