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Thread: Diapers Vs. Fabine Vs. Bambino?

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    Default Diapers Vs. Fabine Vs. Bambino?


    I'm wondering if anyone here tried diapers and can provide a review and/or comparison of, Fabine and Bambino diapers..

    I know they're a little expensive but I'm more concerned about quality..

    How do they compare to Bambino and Fabines?


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    They're probably around the same performance level as the low-level Bambinos - nowhere near as much as Bellissimos or Fabines, but still a decent amount. That's about where they seem thickness-wise, but I don't have enough Fabines or Aww So Cute diapers to do a full review of them, unfortunately.

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    Anyone else...?

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    Bellissimos is by far the best along with Fabines.

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    Bambino's is the queen for cuteness and fabines are known for their thickness but the bellissimo's beat the thickness by maybe 25% (My percentage)

    as for awwsocute, they do have cute diapers on the market but I don't know how they would compare to high-selling diapers on the market.

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    The AwwSoCute diapers are very similar to the baseline Bambino diapers. When I compared them, the only difference I noted was a lack of an elastic waistband in the AwwSoCutes. If the all-over print is important to you, they may be worth the extra money. I find them too expensive for what they are, particularly due to excessive shipping costs.

    Fabine diapers are pretty close to Bambino Bellisimos (their best). I find Bellisimos a little better overall but opinions vary. In any event, they're better than the AwwSoCute diapers but also expensive for customers in the US.

    In short: AwwSoCute has good diapers but not worth the high price for regular use.
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    So, the verdict seems to be that AwwSoCute are similar quality but they are too expensive, correct?

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    ASC is very similar to the basic bambinos. The fabines and bellisimo are constructed the same as regular bambinos but add more sap so they have a higher capacity. Northshore use a fairly unique high-sap padding that's quite stiff when dry but has about the same capacity as a standard bambino. (the difference being northshore keep your skin dryer and have less odor)

    I see ASC as a waste of money. They're trying to be a "cute diaper", but don't offer anything in that or any other respect vs the teddy bambino, and they cost more. The only thing they really have going for them is their prints are ALL over the shell, not just on the front tape panel. Their lack of front or back elastic is IMHO a serious drawback. If that's worth the added cost for you, then get them.

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