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Thread: My cell is in so much trouble

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    Angry My cell is in so much trouble

    I just wrote out several paragraphs about my three imaginary friends and it glitched before I was done and put me in a different place on this forum. I am never going to be using it on the forums after this topic is posted. It can kiss its community visitings days officially over. I will be using a computer for the forums now on. Muhahahaha

    Anyone else have a smart phone with a mind of its own?

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    Yeah, I had something similar happen a few days ago. Very frustrating!! For sure a more stable computing platform is less risky.

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    I think all smart phones have minds of their own. Are they smart or just obstinate?

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    Yep, my Phone will say it's at 80% battery life and drop to less than 10% on a daily basis.

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    Smart phones annoy me lol. Bricked to point you can't do anything, and over worked to the point they lag glitch all over the place lol.

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    IDK, I've never had a major problem with my Xperia Z1. Only issues are the vibrate died and battery life could be better. It's also big, but I bought it knowing that so can't do much about it.

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    Don't listen to them little iPhone! I know you and I could never fight. *strokes phone lovingly.*

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    I have a love/hate thing with phones. It's amazing what smart phones can do, but everything comes at a price. I loved my old phone, but hated how it would continuously shut off during the day while in my pocket. I'd turn it on in the morning, put it in my pocket, and by the time I went to check it, the thing was powered off! Had no idea what was going on until I decided to check the battery. Turns out the battery was going bad and to prevent overheating, the phone would shut off. Good feature so I don't get my injured by an exploding battery, but bad on the basis that no one could reach me while it was off. I missed so many calls from people during the day because I had no idea the phone was off the whole time.

    Try finding batteries for certain smart phones, too. Even Batteries Plus, the store supposed to have every battery, didn't even have it. Seeing it would take a month to get a knockoff battery from Asia, I eventually pitched by beloved HTC One V and now have a Samsung Galaxy S3. Love it so far and I shouldn't have a problem finding batteries by the looks of it online.

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