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Thread: Any tips for a ABDL that live with parents?

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    Default Any tips for a ABDL that live with parents?

    Yes, i have seen the thread:

    But, my situation is not good... I don't have my own room, so then i need to sleep in living room of my house. I need tips, i'm a ABDL that live with parents that don't know this. My only hideout is a box of a purchased headphone (lol) that i hide my ABDL things.

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    My advise is to only indulge when no one is home, and get rid of a wet diaper before they come home. Other than that, work toward getting your own place. When I lived at home with the parents, I had the attic for my bedroom, and that worked a lot better.

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    Given your situation I would recommened doing what dogboy said. How ever Id use an attic or basement assuming you had one to store your things. aside for major holidays people rarely travel to those places

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    Do you have a car maybe you can lock them in the trunk. Or maybe a friend that can store them wich I highly doubt. Short of trying to find other places in the house to hide them I'm out of ideas that wouldn't cost money.

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    That's gonna be tricky. Follow what Dogboy said. Also, never keep used diapers lying around the house. Someone is bound to smell it and they might check it out. Even the bathroom isn't a safe place. Consider cloth-backed diapers, they are quiet and discreet.

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