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Thread: wore diapers for longer as a kid?

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    Question wore diapers for longer as a kid?

    I been wondering if how long you wore diapers as a kid has a effect on why you wear diapers now?

    I was potty trained at 2 but still wore diapers until i was 5.
    Any other thoughts on this?

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    Hehehehe i was never even potty trained till turned five for real i never once was even starting ot be potty trained till five long. So didnt learn to use potty till five thats worse.

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    Statistically, the answer is a pretty resounding "no." This will not prevent several people from anecdotally suggesting a correlation between how long they wore diapers as a kid and their desire to wear now.

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    I was potty trained very early in life. I wore pull ups by 2 1/2 and after having dry nights for a while I went to big girl underwears and never went back.

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    I was potty trained way earlier than most people. As ArchieRoni said, there appears to be virtually no statistical correlation based on the hundreds of times this question has been asked before.

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    I honestly believe being an ABDL is something you're born with. I can remember having an interest in diapers for as long as I can remember. I didn't know it was sexual at the time, I just knew I liked them. With that being said...I was a bed wetter until I was about 10. Therefore, I wore diapers at night. I can't remember at what age I switched from diapers to plastic sheets, but it was later than most. Could there be a link? It's plausible I suppose. Here's another way to think of it...maybe you're born liking diapers, so you subconsciously refuse to potty train or you continue wetting the bed so you can continue wearing diapers.

    It's also likely that there are many factors leading to being an ABDL. Therefore, there isn't just one thing that can be linked to it.

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    I was trained at about three. I wet at night and wore diapers for that until I was 4 1/2. My sister was 17 months younger. She wore training cloth panties. The first time I tried a pair on I felt warm and cozy and wanted to wet it. The desires have been with me ever since and have evolved into 24/7 diaper use. So for me the main trigger was that I saw my sister wet herself and since she was so close in age I randomly ended up wearing a pair of her training pants and got hooked pretty good. After that sex and wetting grew together as one. Now in my 30s I have managed to separate some of that and enjoy some of it with my husband.

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    I'd say no, because I was trained sometime between 2.5-3 as far as I know.
    My mom was against using pullups because apparently the one time she tried them, I used them like diapers lol. //heard her talking to one of her friends about that once.
    I still had training underwear till around 5 or 6 tho, but didn't have accidents.

    And as far as I can remember, I've always wanted to be treated little, and see wearing as part of being little.

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    Wasn't first dry during the day until past five, nighttime wasn't until after ten. Even with those, there were far too many accidents to count, was actually back in them at one point during the day at seven, then nighttime diapers at 16. Pretty much been in and out of diapers my whole life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa22 View Post
    I been wondering if how long you wore diapers as a kid has a effect on why you wear diapers now?

    I was potty trained at 2 but still wore diapers until i was 5.
    Any other thoughts on this?

    I must be missing something, how did you manage to wear diapers for three years after being potty trained? Did you pretend you weren't trained?

    With few exceptions I was diapered at bedtime till reliably dry during my ninth year. Without question the shame and sensations of that period shaped my interest.

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