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Thread: Good Diaper for Wearing in Public

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    Default Good Diaper for Wearing in Public

    After my surgery I spent two weeks indoors, basically diapered 24/7 and only wearing pajamas. So, I had no qualms about wearing my Bambinos or the fact that they are possibly the least discreet diapers on the market.

    I was wearing one this morning and decided to go run some errands. Alas, my jeans wouldn't fit over my Bambinos. I had some Depends on hand and changed into one of those, but as we all know, Depends leave a lot to be desired. Luckily, they are very discreet.

    In your experience, what's the best thin diaper to wear in public?

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    MoliCare's Soft Supers are very discreet but are cloth-backed. Wellness Superios are super thin (at least when dry) and are plastic-backed, but are a bit more crinkly.

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    I'm a fan of M4's for my out and about wearing. They fit nicely under my jeans.

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    Any diaper will be good wearing n public, you just have to dress accordingly.
    I wear a Molicare Super Plus and an Abena Maxi booster in it, with jeans on top. No one ever said a word to me!
    And for the record, a Molicare super plus isn't the most discrete diaper you can wear....

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    I wore GoodNites almost daily to school during high school. To my knowledge, they always disappeared completely under my boxers.

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    I love how you express a NEED for a thin, reliable, concealable diaper and someone suggests a toddler pull-up with less capacity than Depends!

    I have had good success with Tena slip maxi diapers. They start out supper thin and have good capacity but they do swell alot! My main go to diaper is the Abena M4, I wear it out in public/work with no problems! It is bulkier than the Tena but does not swell as bad and has a higher capacity. The new Absorbency plus diapers by Xpmedical are not a bad choice either. THE BEST ADVICE I can give you is "samples", try as many as you can because EVERY DIAPER IS DIFFERENT! NorthShore will send you FREE samples of their new "supreme" diapers in either cloth-like or plastic. Other places charge for samples but the knowledge gained before buying in large quantities is priceless! Also as someone else said dress accordingly! With the right kind of pants you can hide a Dry24/7 or Bambino and no one will be any wiser!

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    If you're going to use the diaper I suggest a premium diaper which won't leak. I understand the desire for thin diapers, but that kind of defeats the purpose. The solution is baggy clothing and a premium diaper or diapers. Or if you're not going to use the diaper, choose one that is inexpensive yet fits you well.

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    I use an M4 or my new outing favorite Tena slip maxi . The capacity is great for both and they are quiet underneath jeans. The taping on the tenas are a bit weird for me but they are so slim and stealthy and hold alot. If M4 is still too bulky go for the M3s, they are thinner but still hold enough for a few hours running errands for me anyway.

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    It depends on whether or not you plan to use the diaper while you are out and about. Obviously the M4 is a tad bulky and fits very snug under most jeans but can take a beating in terms of accidents. For thinner diapers you could go with the M1 which is you guessed it… the same as the M4 just not as thick due to less absorbency. As to thin and absorbent, wellness briefs are a solid choice. I also like wearing the tena discreet underwear if I'm really trying to hide it. They have dual leak guards and can absorb one decent wetting. Abena M4 is my top choice though! Good luck

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