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Thread: Aww So Cute Onesie?

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    Question Aww So Cute Onesie?

    I'm wondering if the Aww So Cute onesies are any good? I just saw that they're coming back in stock so I thought I might order.

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    I've got a couple of them. I like the neckline on them as they're more girly. The one thing is the snaps are more
    in the center of the crotch which makes them a little harder to close. The material is nice stretchy and the fit is

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    i got one for the wife, we like it, kinda on the cheap side but its cute, i wish the material that goes between the legs was a little wider to hide the diaper fully..for the $$ its a no brainer imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by wetatnight View Post
    what are some better brands of adult onesies?
    I like the ones from Fetware. I have six of them and they're over two years old. These were made in Canada.

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