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Thread: Could pull-ups and pads be reducing odds of incontinence?

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    Default Could pull-ups and pads be reducing odds of incontinence?

    Okay, this is a little odd, but just go with me.

    I often wear a pull-up or male guard to work, since I like the feeling but want something discreet. Anyone who's done this knows that you can't flood them, you have to just let things trickle slowly, releasing little bits of urine at a time.

    What we're essentially doing here, by controlling the flow, is Kegel exercises, which strengthens the pelvic muscles and actually improves continence.

    It's not often that true irony rears its head, but I can't imagine why it's not true that by using incontinence products I'm actually decreasing my odds of becoming incontinent.


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    Hello there! Interesting theory indeed. I have absolutely no medical education, but from being a part of this community for over 15 years I have a few theories of my own.

    I do think controlling the flow will serve some benefits, I think how you go about urinating is perhaps more impactful to the overall health of your body's plumbing. When you are in pads and pullups will you tend to let out the small squirts as soon as you feel the initial desire, or do you hold for a while? I always understood that for good bladder health, one should certainly ensure that the tissue is stretched (bladder filled) and contracted (going potty) regularly. If you never let the bladder start to fill, then it might over time shrink and lose some capacity. On the flip side I have read plenty of articles about the importance of not holding it too long... I know many in this community like to hold until they virtually lose control and burst into their diapers. That can apparently also result in a loss of bladder elasticity..

    But yeah, again, I am just sharing thoughts that I have come across over the years.

    You have barely even reached your prime (at 50!) so I doubt you will need to be concerned about becoming incontinent any time soon.

    Have fun!

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    Thank you for your thoughts, Soakingboy. Although my wife knows about my penchant for all things diaper-related, she wants nothing to do with it, and has never seen me in any kind of absorbent product. That means that although I do tend to sneak out of the house with absorbent undies and pads, I don't wear most of the time, and almost never around her. Consequently, I do urinate normally, allowing my bladder to fill as most people do throughout the day. It's also true that I never wet any garment or pad at work until late in the day. I worry about leaks, yes, but also smell.

    So, maybe I'm doing something really good for my health here!


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