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Thread: Just ordered my first package...

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    Default Just ordered my first package...

    This morning I ordered my first package of actual adult diapers. Up until now, when I wore, I've been wearing incontinence pull ups. I've found that while they're great for the convenience of taking them off and being able to put them back on (I don't #2 in them, so it's nice to be able to take them off to go to the bathroom without wasting the diaper), they're not super absorbent, especially for a flood wetting. It's meant that when I wet, I've had to be careful to trickle, and for so long now what I really want is to be able to just let go and flood my diaper.

    I don't really identify as an AB except for in this one respect - when I'm wearing, I want to be able to wear like a baby would, without thinking about leaks and logistics and consequences. I don't even really want to think at all, just want to soak it and keep on going.

    Of course, I'd also like to have a nice Mommy to change me once I've done it, but those aren't quite so easy to order online

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    Enjoy your diapers! I use Dry 24/7's with plastic pants. I am able to flood wet a few times and not have to worry. After 3 times, even with the plastic pants, I do leak which is a whole new and exciting feeling.

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