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Thread: What to do if parents find your stash?

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    Question What to do if parents find your stash?

    For those that wear diapers and there parents dont know, Just wondering what you do if they came across your stash?
    How would you explain it? and how do you think they will react.

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    Well, first I'd try to prevent this from happening in the first place by keeping my diapers somewhere safe where it's unlikely anyone would find them. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Nevertheless, it is something that could happen. Sometimes you might be able to make up an excuse - for example, if it's an unopened pack of baby diapers, you could say you were donating them to charity - but it all depends on each person's situation and how believable it would be. One excuse I wouldn't recommend though is saying you're wetting the bed or otherwise having problems with your bladder, because this would likely cause your parents to worry and they might even want you to see a doctor.

    So honesty might be the best policy here - but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to reveal everything. You could simply say you enjoy the way diapers feel. Depending on what explanation you think your parents might be more accepting of, one might choose to describe it as a sexual fetish, while others might prefer to explain it as a comforting habit.

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    I've been caught twice, but was never confronted about it. I just noticed a couple of my loose pullups went missing one day the first time (at least one was in the trash), and the second time I came home and found all of my diapers sitting out in the kitchen (parents weren't inside yet, so I quickly snuck them back in my room). Couldn't tell you what to do, really. Every parent(s) react differently. Honesty is usually the best policy, I guess.

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    I don't plan to tell my parents when I go home for Christmas break about my recently developed bedwetting, but if they confront me about it, I won't lie.

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    I think it depends on the situation. If they find my stash I don't think lying could help, but I wouldn't tell everything, that could be too much information and lead to misunderstanding.

    Honestly I am not sure of what I could possibly say and I am a little bit scared about the reactions and consequences.

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    I wouldn't lie, I'd just tell the truth. Lies can get out of hand fast. And if you are caught in a lie it can make the situation so much worse.

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    I'd say, "Well, to be honest, Dad, I noticed you were getting up quite a bit during the night, and... well... here you go. These might help."

    Back to reality:

    At this point in my life, I'd just have it over with and tell them I have a diaper fetish. I'm pretty sure they know already. Fortunately, this is very unlikely to ever happen since I no longer live with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    I'd say, "Well, to be honest, Dad, I noticed you were getting up quite a bit during the night, and... well... here you go. These might help."

    Back to reality:
    Legendary response

    Seriously, as others have already said, be honest, but not too honest if you know what I mean.....just remember you cant unsay what has been said.

    Think of saying things like, I knew they made these for adults and was experimenting - curious - wanted to know what it felt like. ..... If you're a bit braver, you could tell them that for some reason they make you feel comfortable.

    If their curiosity gets a bit heavy or weird you should assure them that it's only about the diaper.

    Probably a good idea to have thought about it in advance.
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