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Thread: My first time being on a site like this...

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    Default My first time being on a site like this...

    Hey everybody! Let me explain my situation. I have been lost and in the dark about this stuff for around 8 years now and am so glad to have found ADISC. I am an avid music lover, gamer, writer(in my free time), and connoisseur of waffles. My excitement cannot be understated. I'm honestly just so happy to be apart of a community I didn't even know existed a few hours ago.

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    Welcome to ADISC hope you have fun and enjoy being here.

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    Thanks. Any tips on not making an idiot of myself on here?

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    Awesome. If only other parts of the internet would follow this rule...

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    Wave - There are bunches of us over here in Pantymania, the proud home of the TeddyCon

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    Wow! That's so cool that this exists. Have you ever had complaints from neighbors or anyone giving you trouble for it?

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    I actually got the hang of the site in less than one month. Love it can relate.

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    Wave - no. - but then - the location of the TeddyCon is in a very "bohemian" little city that has been recently ranked as America's top "nicest place to live". - I live there, and neighbors who know me well were actually quite approving, even somewhat jealous. - so there You are -

    i haven't heard of any community relations difficulties with any of the other, very many, ABDL social events or gatherings in other locations. - That seems to suggest that we are, as a whole, a very well behaved group of adults.

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