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Thread: good briefs?

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    Question good briefs?

    I been doing searches for diapers, when i came across this website that has some. so i tried to search for reviews of the brand on this forum and on the internet but didnt find one.

    Just wondering if anyone has done reviews on these? also whats the difference between diapers and briefs?

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    same word, however the diaper companies call them briefs, not diapers, since diapers are for babies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTheAverageMan View Post
    same word, however the diaper companies call them briefs, not diapers, since diapers are for babies.
    They do make adult diapers.
    Besides i'm mainly wondering if these are good.

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    As above, diapers = briefs.
    And pull-ups = pants = absorbent underwear.

    I haven't heard of those diapers before, though. Simplicity 3D briefs, eh? Do you need special glasses to see them properly?!

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    These are almost certainly absolutely horrible. I've heard nothing but bad things about Kendall as a brand. Maybe their top-of-the-line diapers would be okay, but from what I've heard these are basically a sheet of plastic with a few cotton-balls for absorbent material. Obviously I'm joking/exaggerating, but you get the idea.

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    Just did some searching and found Walgreens Certainty Fitted Briefs as well as a review on the forum. they look like a decent brand.
    Review topic

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    I have tried those ones before. They make both a plastic backed and a cloth backed version of them. They are unique in that they have only one tape tab on each side that is about double the width of a regular tape. I know ABU has single tape diapers, but these are marketed towards the non-abdl crowd.

    They are pretty thin and will only hold about one good pee. They also don't have inner leak guards, but most diapers like these don't anyway. I am a big fan of using the Abena Abri-Let booster pads on cheap diapers, and they turn these into ones that can absorb a fair bit.

    Ultimately, I didnt buy these again. I am a fairly large guy (wear an xl diaper), and need diapers that have more material in the hips to support the diaper. These are the "bikini briefs" of diapers lol... If you fit well into larges, or wear smalls or mediums, these might be interesting to try. They certainly are cheap enough not to worry about wasting money.

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    I have used these before too, and by themselves are pretty crappy, but super cheap. The good thing about them is that you can open the back of them up, like a bag of potato chips, and stuff them with cheap baby diapers like Walgreens Well Beginning's, which go on sale all he time and you have a pretty thirsty diaper on the cheap.

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    In my experience, I think Kendall is better than Medline or First Quality. Medline's products tend to be more like a sponge and release liquid under pressure. I've came across Kendall Wings plastic backed diapers and they are little more functional, but not by much.

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    Start out with depends maximum absorbancey, as a first diaper they are decent. Generally store brands are comelete shit. Depends, while not the greatest, are ok, then u can try better stuff like abena. Once u try abena, u want to use as a backup diaper only. I'm so used to the high quality stuff that I won't wear anything less then depends max protection with tapes unless u have no choice. Btw deopens only maks one kind of plastick backed diaper now

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