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Thread: Molicare Super Plus is being phased out

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    Default Molicare Super Plus is being phased out

    Sadly I have read that Molicare super plus in the plastic backed version will no longer be available as they are going to be phased out, I decided to day to stock up massively on this diaper.

    I heavily rely on a high capacity diaper during the day due to incontinence, and I was in tears when I read the Molicare Super Plus in the current version (plastic backed) would no longer be available sometime in the future beginning of 2015 - hence why I decided to make a massive purchase of this reliable diaper.

    I think I'll have enough of this wonderful and very reliable diaper for the most of 2015 now.

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    from the way you make it sound, it seemes like a good diaper. And it's also sad that they wont be making that anymore, but do you think other brands wll still be out there with the plastic backed?

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    Well thats a massive kick in the nuts! They're the only decent inexpensive plastic backed diaper that are sold here. :c

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    what? thats one of the only adult diapers i can wear all day without anyone noticing..

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    excatly why I chose to stuck up - hopefully they change their decision....anyhow I have almost one year worth of molicares now

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    Ah, right. Thanks for reminding me that I need to place an order as well.

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    Thanks for letting me know! With my odd body shape this is the only diaper that actually worked for my bed wetting. Anyone know of a diaper with similar dimensions (to the medium?) Specifically I think the medium waist with the more large sized section between the legs was what made this work so well for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotTheAverageMan View Post
    I decided to make a massive purchase of this reliable diaper.
    sheer curiosity.... just how many diapers did you order?

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