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Thread: Outgrowing it?

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    Default Outgrowing it?

    It's been a while, ADISC. I used to be sure that ABDLism was with someone for life and I was intensely into it for years. Plus I've been a for DL as long as I can remember, but after getting my first girlfriend I've almost completely lost interest in diapers. Instead my interest has completely shifted to more DDLG related stuff, like babying and sometimes diapering my her.

    Has anyone else experienced a change like this in their lives?

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    It seem that you've turned into a caretaker or at the very least had those innate traits in you. this has happened to alot of people, but also more often than not people always have there tendencies come back tenfoled. Also on a similar side note did you ever feel the need to take care of people when you were younger or as a child.

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    Yes all the time haha. Thanks for your response

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    No problem and never forget even if you stop being a dl were always here for our own.

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    I wouldn't necessarily say you're outgrowing it. People's interests change, especially when they have a new partner and begin to explore things with them. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters!

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    It's not that uncommon for it to quiet down for us with a new relationship. We see posts from ABDLs who fell in love and got married and didn't bother to mention their odd quirk because they thought it was gone. Maybe it actually does go for some and we don't hear from them. We do hear from the ones where it came back months or even years later.

    I'd say it's not about outgrowing it, although we change over time. You may find a different outlet but I wouldn't bet that it will go away for good. If you have accepted yourself, it really doesn't matter what you're up to specifically as long as you're happy with it.

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    Never outgrow it, it just may fade for months...or years....but I bet it comes back. Like someone said, what ever makes you happy.

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    I had a run of a couple of years during which my ABDL desires had pretty much completely gone. As I wrote over a year ago now, they had gone to such an extent that I actually missed it. It actually got worse after that posting, and I went for months without even an interest in wearing. Even now, it comes in passing phases wherein I'll be really interested for a couple of days or even a week, then I'm good for another month or three.

    My hypothesis at this point is that for some of us, life changes, stress, life events, or just our own personal evolutionary paths as individuals take us away from the desires we have and know. Indeed, in my case I found it rather lamentable and saddening. I don't want to say that if you wait it out that things will go back to what you remember or that such is even the best outcome. I think the best thing to do is to go with the proverbial flow. Don't force anything. If you're not keen on stuff you used to be keen on, don't try to force yourself to be keen on it again. Think of it like this: I like steak, but only once in a great while. When I'm in the mood for a steak, I will have steak. That might only be once or twice per year, but even so I still really enjoy steak. If I were to have steak more frequently even if I wasn't in the mood for it, I would not enjoy it at all. So, I continue eating things I like to eat often, knowing that one day I'll have a hankering for a blood-red rare ribeye cooked without a bunch of rubs and sauces. When that day comes, I'll go to the store, buy the steak, pull out my cast-iron skillet, and make myself a steak.

    I've found that lamenting about what once was is only useful in very limited doses. Instead, I prefer to think about what is now and what could be. Hopefully whatever new thing you're into will satisfy you, too, and perhaps the craving for that old thing will come roaring back one day.

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    We all change, develop and even go through cycles of regularly changing our opinions or emotions about certain things - often without any clear reason for doing so. That doesn't just apply to ABDL, it's true of everything. I actually think moving from AB/Little to Caretaker is a perfectly natural progression, particularly for those with the innate tendency to enjoy looking after and caring for others. Not all ABs/Littles would enjoy being caretakers, and I'm not saying that indicates a lack of progression - it just wouldn't be a natural shift or progression for ABs/Littles of certain mindsets and/or in certain scenarios.

    Being little might appeal to you again at some point. I've become apathetic to things I loved for a time, and wondered if that passion would ever return. It has with some things, and not with others. I'm tempted to think that the desire to be a little is deeply ingrained in many of us, and thus never goes away fully, but there probably are ABs/Littles who genuinely stopped desiring that role within ageplay altogether.

    With all that said, I don't think it's anything worth worrying about - provided you're happy with your new situation as more of a caretaker. It isn't like if you go off being little for a while, you can't pick up where you left off if you want's something you can dip into at any time, if and when the desire strikes you.

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