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Thread: Does your parents know?

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    Default Does your parents know?

    Title says it all, Do your parents know about what you do?
    if so what was there reaction when you first told them?

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    My mom has no idea. She would not understand at all, shes always told me I could tell her anything but when I came out as lesbian her reaction wasn't good at all. I would most likely never tell her.

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    They know I'm childish and they don't really seem to think it's a bad thing, so at least there's that.

    I don't feel secure enough to tell them the whole truth though... but there may be a time I'll have to later on.

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    Well, I TRIED to keep it a secret from my Mom, but she eventually found out when taking out the trash one day...

    At first Mom was worried that I had some sort of medical problem that I hadn't disclosed with her, so I had to explain myself, and why I wear them to her. Now she doesn't have any problems or concerns over it. For which I am quite relieved, and grateful.

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    Yes my mom knows about the diapers and the whole ab side

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    My mom knows I'm diapered. As for everything else NO WAY my mom might kinda know but that's only kinda

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    My mom has also always said I could tell her anything. I know she loves me no matter what, but when I told her that I'm gay, she had a hard time handling the news. Things are improving, but I think it is still not easy for her. I don't think it would be wise for me to tell her anything about AB/DL, nor do I feel any need to.

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    *chuckles* my patentts know but it was because mom had tracked me online while I lived with her. It did not go well. I got kicked out. I was also part of the furry thing as well at the time. She made a bigger fuss over that. I guess if it was just ab/dl it would. Have been a tad better. My dad knew from her and was not happy but did let me move in with him.

    Mom had a health scare and thought it was the last time id see her and only brought up my furryness at the time. If she knew I diaper up with a friend shed probly not be happy bit say at least you ate not furry. So she sorta kinda accepted it.

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    My mom only knows about my bottle. We never bring it up.

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