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    Hey All!
    I have always felt drawn to fur-play but never acted on it.
    So i thought i would ask here for a few pointers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desphiria View Post
    What's fur-play? I've never heard of furplay before.
    Fur-play a form of role play using 2 or more people with furry personas, humans animal or a mixture of the three. It can involve diaper play, furspeech, erotic and other things considered deviant by society standards.also used in comic, manga, games and cartoons, also online forms of roleplay.

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    Sorry I didn't quite answer your questions.
    I've been involved though never directly engaged in it,so I can only tell you what I know from experience and general knowledge. From what Iv'e been told from a few devoted fans of role-play they have been known to do meetups for weeks at a time, with made scripts and act them out. As for my experience, there's not really anything to tell. If you have a general thing you want to act out with someone then just do it. Nothing special to it like Improv (all random). I hoped this helped you in some way.

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    Haven't done enough myself to give you tips, but I would suggest you pick someone who's done that before and just improv (like Tai said) with whatever theme they're going with.

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