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Thread: Not new. Returning. And after 2 years (give or take exactly a week), still kinda upset.

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    Default Not new. Returning. And after 2 years (give or take exactly a week), still kinda upset.

    My name is Braves26. Being an AB/DL has kind of been a lifelong thing for me. When I was 15, I found this website, and it was a godsend. Actually having a place to talk to people about this- people my age, nevertheless- was a huge relief for me. Lets just say I really struggled with this, not getting into specifics. Point is, I loved this site. But then I was banned, 4 months after signing up, exactly 1 week from my birthday (hence why I'm able to remember the exact date). All underaged accounts had been deactivated. I was mad. I still am. I swore I would never again be a part of a community that abandoned me, and alot of others who sincerely needed a place like this (shortly before the bannings, some poor kid got caught at school. This site was really the only thing that kept him from suicide- he was getting bullied pretty badly. Think about that for a moment.) I guess its not that simple, though. I turned 18 today, and decided to return. I have nowhere else to turn, really. Hopped through a couple AB/DL communities, but I guess I could never replace ADISC. So I guess its good to be back, in a way.

    Now that I've vented a bit, I guess no one here will recognize me, so I might as well do the intro again (heres the original, though some things have changed*) So based on this post and my signature, I guess you can tell I can be a bit callous. I try not to be, I promise. I'm technically in high school, but am attending college a year early through PSEO. My dream is to be an Air Force pilot- I've applied for an ROTC scholarship. I ski, play video games (alot of Destiny right now), and work at Jimmy John's. Since my last span here, I've kind of started actually wearing diapers (much less than I thought. Nearly 2 years since I could start wearing, I've only gone through 3 packs. Girls Goodnites, Depends, and Boys Goodnites, in that order).

    So theres my new intro thread.

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    Hello Brave26 and welcome back to the group.

    I joined just after the decision to go 18+, and I have since seen several return introductions of this nature.

    I am sorry that if effected you so. Legal issues suck and it protects some but hurt other on unintended people also. It sucks that we have to go to such extremes to protect the integrity of a helpful site like this from a handful of "scum".

    Needless to say, I am glad that you came back.

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    Welcome back hope you will still have fun on this forum.

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    Hey. I'm not sure if I recognise you from before the ban or not, but I was banned too, for just under 6 months myself. I used to go by Kiwidl, with a white station wagon avatar?

    Welcome back anyway,

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    Welcome back Braves26. I joined a month before you did and I do remember you.

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    Welcome back. I'm always glad to see our younger members come back to the site. I'm sorry you had a rough time of it. We were all upset over losing our youngest members, but I understand why Moo had to do it. We never really know what happens behind the scenes, but Moo is the one who has to answer to distracters and it can't be easy. Anyway, I'm glad you have returned and I hope the site will once again be good for you.

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    Welcome back to ADISC! We're glad you are back. I'm sure hope you understand that the decision to ban minors from ADISC was not taken lightly, and it made no one happy. It was just a sad day.

    It's wonderful to meet you though! Any other interesting video games you are up to other then Destiny? Or if not.. what do you like about Destiny? Hehe.

    Can I make a friendly suggestion? All the opinions you are sharing in your signature are perfectly valid, and I don't want to make it seem otherwise. I just think that in some way, it's a very confrontational signature. It's bound to make some others upset, and everyone experiences everything in their own way, you know? Even for you, I think it might be better to focus on the poisitives and not wrap every single post up with all the things about the AB/DL culture that you obviously don't like. Just a suggestion though. Definitely don't want to censor you or tell you how to feel. I just think it's bound to make people get a pretty rough impression of you, even if they aren't the people your signature is targeted towards. It seems confrontational and maybe a tad mean? I dunno.

    Just had to say that. ADISC is here for you too though, and I hope that you have a really nice and happy experience here.

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    Welcome back!

    I think a lot of the people who were underage at the time of the ban or had friends who were can sympathize with your feelings. Many of us felt it was rather underhanded how the site banned under-18s overnight with no warning, and I know a few people stepped down as mods because they were upset with the decision. Lots of people felt betrayed by a site that claimed to support teens, or that they were left hanging without a safe place they'd depended on for a long time.

    However, Moo (and other staff) have claimed this was the best and only way to do things. It was, apparently, essential nobody (outside of staff) be told beforehand. And Moo made the decision to remove all under 18s after consulting with a lawyer and trying to find any possible way this wouldn't blow up in his face eventually. Sadly, Moo's attempts to make the site safe for teens to be on it just confirmed to him that there was no way to minimize that risk in a way he'd be comfortable with. I got the distinct impression the 'choice' to ban under 18s was not one anybody really wanted to make.

    Anyway, in short, I think it's completely normal to feel angry and hurt about what happened - I still do to an extent, and I was over 18 at the time. I don't like what happened at all - but I think it's valuable to know the 'official story', and maybe it will help you feel a bit less hurt.

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