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Thread: Life?

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    Unhappy Life?

    So, I think it is about time I said goodbye to rethink my life. This guy is right about me, what am I doing with my life? I am gay, I like a show for little girls, and I dress up and act like a baby. I seriously need help. What do you think, should I leave and think about this or try to ignore it and move on?Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSoSuperHero14 View Post
    So, I think it is about time I said goodbye to rethink my life. This guy is right about me, what am I doing with my life? I am gay, I like a show for little girls, and I dress up and act like a baby. I seriously need help. What do you think, should I leave and think about this or try to ignore it and move on?Click image for larger version. 

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    Obviously you've been on some other site and revealed yourself? Often we have threads showing up, saying: should I tell ______________ (insert whoever) and we typically ask, why do you want to tell? That's because it almost never works out the way the questioner is expecting.

    If you go to a public site, one populated with moguls (my and other's term for those who are clueless) you are going to get the response you got. Here's what you should listen to. Listening to some bigoted, stupid moron is beneath anyone with an I Q above 100. Just on the surface, anyone who calls someone who is gay, a fag, in this day and age, is an idiot and more so, pathetic. Why would you give someone like that any credence?

    Expecting moguls do understand infantalism is a lost cause. At least, try to put yourself in their place. No one who doesn't have our "little" thoughts is going to understand why any adult would want to wear and use diapers, and worse, act like a baby, yet here we are.

    The thing is, every one, or most people, probably have some secret desire that would seem strange to others who do not experience the same feelings, and that's what's at the root of prejudice. When we don't experience something that is out of the social norm, we think it's weird. There's no way we can understand it and often, accept it, if we don't share not just the same feelings, but the incredible pull that dominates our desires to participate in it.

    What's paramount here is self acceptance. You can't be happy with yourself until you learn how to accept yourself, and that can be difficult with infantalism. I hated myself for it when I was in high school and college, and beyond. This was before the internet and so I was completely alone with these desires. I too lived an exclusively gay lifestyle when I was in college, and in the late 1960s, being gay could get you beat up, jailed or killed. Things are so much better now that I'm almost surprised that you picked up this cretonne troll, but apparently you did.

    To be honest, most of us do our thing in the privacy of our homes so that we don't feed the fires of the stupid. My wife knows I'm an adult baby and accepts me. I'm diapered, wearing my footie duckie jammies that my wife gave me last Christmas as I type this. But most people don't even know we exist, and most of us are happy with that. There are some things that people do in the privacy of their bedrooms that would make me uncomfortable, but we don't learn about it because they have the sense to keep it to themselves.

    Whether you want to stay on this site or leave is entirely up to you, but more than likely, the desire to wear diapers, etc. will not go away. Being gay certainly won't, so why not come here where people can know and appreciate you as a friend, give support and be there for you. I'm one such person.

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    It seems like that guy is a jerk and should be ignored. Your problem seems to be a lack of acceptance of yourself. You say the fact you are gay, like mlp and are abdl are bad things. But are they? You have to think for yourself and do what you think is right or best with your life. If you enjoy these things then why not do them?

    I can't speak for you personally but I love acting like a baby! So much stress relif. I have a certain intrest in men ( think I'm bi) and thats cool too. More people for me to potentially fall in love with . I even enjoy watching a show about ponies. All these things are things that I derive pleasure from and to me are not imoral so I have no problem with engaging with them.

    You need to ask yourself (ignore that jerk who messaged you) what you want to do? What do you enjoy?

    Personally I think all those things you listed as negative things in your life can be positives if you embrace them. But like I said you have to make your own mind up.

    P.s. I used to repress my abdl side, sexual thoughts of men and pony fandom stuff so I could live a "proper" life and it almost killed me. I'm a lot happier now that I'm embracing that side of me and I suspect you might find that to be true of yourself. Happier person, better more meaningful life

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    No, you shouldn't listen to that guy. He doesn't know you and he's judging you for having unusual things make you happy.

    However, the fact that you think you need help and are messing up your life is something worth addressing. Acting like a baby, wearing diapers, watching pony, or any other stress relief and leisure activity ISN'T enough on its own to make you feel worthwhile. You don't need to go join a charity and save the world, but you should find something you like doing that also helps out other people. That's what jobs are for. Even the lowliest store clerk or janitor helps keep society running and makes things easier for every person that they interact with. So, what do you do for a living? What other people do you have in your life who are important to you? Find some things to do for them, or you even could go volunteer for a charity in your local community and help other people out. That's the kind of activity that lets you look at some idiot's stupid comment and tell him, confidently, that he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

    But, let's be clear here. Doing some good in the world isn't exclusive with all your pleasure activities. You can watch pony at night. You can wear a diaper to work (I don't necessarily recommend it, but some people do it). You don't need to dedicate every second of your life to making the world better and making yourself feel worthwhile, you get to enjoy yourself too. Dropping everything you love because you think you're feeling bad about yourself won't make you feel better about yourself. It will just make you feel bad about yourself without anything to comfort you. You have to go out and do activities that you think are valuable and worthwhile to make yourself feel good.

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    I know that I should just ignore them, move on, and accept myself. I know that I shouldn't be ashamed of being who I am, but it is easier said than done. I didn't mean to just venture off into the unknown, but it was just what happened. I am perfectly fine with being gay(my family not so much), I have been having problems with being a brony and just letting it be(if anyone remembers I actually changed my username not to long ago). Archie, I did just recently get hired at Gap(clothing store for anyone who might not know), so maybe I will feel a little better in days to come. Thanks for the helpful advice.

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    The only thing you should reconsider is how much of your private life you leave in view of the unwashed masses. Anything you post online is subject to the entire spectrum of public opinion and in this case the spectrum includes one vitriol filled post by some asshole.

    When it comes to things like MLP, men or diapers. If it makes you happy then go for it. You don't want a dearth of happiness in your life.

    That being said, you can't expect people to understand or especially accept you at a glance. That's what these sorts of internet profiles are really, just a glance. You really shouldn't be so invested in the opinions of random idiots on the interwebs. Case and point myself, why are you reading this post. You should be who you are and enjoy the things that make you happy and if you're still figuring those things out well #[email protected] doesn't seem like the place to go for advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotSoSuperHero14 View Post
    Archie, I did just recently get hired at Gap(clothing store for anyone who might not know), so maybe I will feel a little better in days to come. Thanks for the helpful advice.
    That's great news. My other piece of advice then is to just take things one day at a time. See how tired you are after your job and how much of your day it takes up (including getting meals, dressing, commuting etc.). If you've got time left over, think about using some of it for your fun stuff like diapers and ponies and use some of it for other stuff. Maybe get into a sport, a club, or a local charity and see what you like doing.

    Also, pony is the easiest one to do, never feel bad about that. You can watch the show half an hour at a time (22 minutes actually) and you can check out fanfiction or art when it suits you. No need to worry about it or obsess or even try to argue about it with people who don't want to hear about it.

    I'm totally confident that as the days pass, as long as you make just a little bit of effort to try out some different things, you'll find a lot of things to do and people to be with that make you feel good about yourself.

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    I think that person attacking you is nothing more than a cyberbullying a-hole. While people tease that show, I can see there is a lot of good behind it. I think the fanbase consists of a bunch of people generally sick of the gritty dirty world and want something optimistic and cheerful. Anyway, there's a whole community of people who adore that show, there's a whole community of people who like diapers (us!) and there's a whole community of gay teens. There's so many more options for friendship.

    I got bullied constantly when I was younger, up until age 18 or 19 to be honest, and I was straight, cis, not into any particular cultural fad, and no one knew I liked diapers. Admittedly I was socially awkward, and I had a very shy personality where I never stood up for myself. I made a really easy target. But that doesn't mean I deserved any of the bullying or should have changed who I was because of it. Some people are just awful and have no idea what empathy is or how to show it. I pity that person who targeted you. Clearly they have some serious issues of their own, and they are bigoted against gays and have none of my respect. That person sounds very young, and highly immature. They're just picking on you because they got nothing going on their own. That's how they work. Try to make themselves look awesome by shoving someone else down.

    If everyone in the world was the same, it'd be awful. I am glad there's cool and unusual people out there. It's okay to be sad about this. This hurts a lot and it really sucks. People can be so horrible. Go ahead and vent if you want, I'll be around for a while tonight.

    I just want to edit: The "Ban Raid" thing is from 4Chan.... the cesspool of the internet. This poster is from 4Chan. When 4Chan does not like you, you are doing something right. Don't sweat it.
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    I once had a guy online tell me I should kill myself because I'm a little overweight.

    People online can be assholes, that's my point. They are Litteraly a dime a dozen but it really doesn't matter what they think because you know you're fabulous!

    Sometimes I look at my kid stuff and think "what the hell am I doing?" and sometimes I take a break for a few days and maybe that's what you need to do right now but just know that acting like a kid and watching MLP is not all that weird and it doesn't make you a freak or less of an awesome person,

    Whatever you do, do it for YOU not buttbags like that guy.

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    By deciding to reject your personality and interests, you're letting people like this judgmental asshole win. I doubt you could stop liking MLP or diapers if you tried hard, and you certainly couldn't stop yourself from being gay - so all you'd do by repressing your true personality and interests is develop a lot of anger and hurt as a result of suppressing who you honestly are. It can also lead to a pretty unstable sense of self, which can be very damaging.

    My advice would be to be more cautious about how open you are about being a Brony and/or ABDL, if the potential responses of obnoxious morons are something which you're sensitive to. I personally don't discuss my ABDL side or my 'fetish side' outside of situations which I consider to be safe spaces - either communities for people with similar interests, or else with very close companions whom I feel will respond to the news in a measured way.

    There's a difference between being ashamed of who you are, and being wary of who you open up to. I think the former is damaging, but as far as ABDL and being a Brony is concerned - the latter is advisable.
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