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    Is there any diapers that don't have all the padding that bunches up all the time. With my job I wear for extended periods of time. So I can only change so often. I wear them just in case I can't get to a restroom in time. I work around the city so I don't always get to use a restroom when I need to.

    I like to wear Tena maxis but the tend to bunch up a little. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! =)

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    I've found NorthShore's diapers to be very good with this. They tend to be a bit stiff, but they don't seem to clump at all.

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    If you use a Goodnights or other baby diaper as a stuffer there are at least two benefits. First it greatly reduces the bunching up. Second it greatly increases the wetting capacity so that use do not need to change as often. Another benefit is that the diaper expands so that you feel the extra thickness with a stuffer so that it is much more erotic.

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    I wear tena maxis and they have to get awfully wet before they bunch up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST50 View Post
    I wear tena maxis and they have to get awfully wet before they bunch up.
    I agree - I tried generics and attends and all those, and find they bunch up - but my Tena Maxis are my go-to diaper for not bunching up, good leak protection, and good absorption.

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