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    Question: should the tapes be attached to the padding or wing of the diaper?

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    The tapes should be attached wherever they fit and are most snug. Usually lining up the top of both the back and front of the diaper and pulling the tapes around to the front.should show you approximate positioning. The bottom tapes need to be taped angled up. Also, most plastic-backed diaper have landing areas for the tapes, which may or may not have designs on them.

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    Question: should the tapes be attached to the padding or wing of the diaper?
    The top tapes keep your diaper from sliding down your hips. Raise the back up so the tapes are at your belt line. Pull the front up a bit snug and pull the tapes from the back straight around forward, keeping them over your beltline, and attach wherever they happen to land. Could be back on the wing, or up above the padding, or on the padding. Depends on how big your diaper fits on you. If you have more than one brand or size of diaper, you'll have to figure out how each one needs to be taped, because they're probably all going to be different.

    (the lowers keep the leg gathers and leak guards up snug, and help seal around your legs - tape them wherever they need to be to do that)

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