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Thread: NorthShore Supreme = Aced Finals!!!

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    Default NorthShore Supreme = Aced Finals!!!

    So, today I had one of my final exams. It was about three hours long, I had a couple bottles of water in the hour or so leading up to it and one Diet Coke during the exam. I knew that I wouldn't make it through the test without having to get up once or twice, and I hate that. It always breaks my concentration.

    So, I selected a NorthShore Supreme brief to accompany me on my exam due to it's outstanding sitting capacity, quick absorbency, non-swelling nature, and durability. WIN!! It performed flawlessly and allowed me to keep my mind off of anything other than the exam. When the need arose I was able to stay relaxed and maintain focus on my exam.

    If I end up with a perfect final score (I think I will…or really really good) it will be because of NorthShore's fantastic product. It definitely won't have anything to do with the hour upon hours of study and hard work I put into it.
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    That's awesome! The NorthShore Supremes are one of my favorites performance-wise (as you'll see in my review)...or would be if they had them in a small. I can technically wear a medium, but it's a bit bigger than I'd like. Anyways, I hope you did well on your final!

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    Those long tests are always a pain, but good job on the test. I plan on using diapers during my study sessions and finals that are coming in the next week or two.

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    I'm glad it worked so well for you! Everyone knows that test results have more to do with choice of underwear than with hours of study Speaking of which, I should go study!

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    Honestly Llayden, I can't tell if your last comment is sarcastic or if you're just really trying to sell this product lol. Either way, I hope you did well on your exam.

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    it's always risky sitting down, glad to see you didn't leak

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    Got a 96%!! Woo-hoo!! Wear a nappy if you want an 'A'!!

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    You know ironically I asked Northshore for some samples so I would know which size would fit me. They are sending me 2 larges and 2 extra larges for free so I can find out if the larges are big enough for me. I think I will be getting them today (it's 1:35 AM where I am at right now) so this should be interesting actually.

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    SO EXCITING! Hope you did get an "A" Llayden. I am also going to college and diapers are my friend! The long classes, tests and studying make diapers a near necessity! Especially for my tiny bladder! I wear something nearly all the time, be it a pullup, large pad or sometimes a diaper.

    Good luck to you!

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