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Thread: Should I say diaper or nappy?

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    Default Should I say diaper or nappy?

    As an Australian, I have grown up with the word nappy being associated with the lovable cushy garment, and continue to use that name in social conversation. Yet, I find it remarkably odd that I almost constantly call them diapers online. It probably has to do with the fact that Diaper is part of the ABDL acronym and I have always associated my drawings with ABDLs.

    I know it's probably not that big a deal, but it is beginning to irk me more and more on which I should use more often. For one thing, I think "nappy" is certainly the cuter sounding name over "diaper", and I'm definitely all for cute in my drawings. Plus I guess it would help to give people a better idea of where I'm from.

    Sorry if this is a ridiculous example of a tough choice,but I figured I'd share and ask for some opinions on the matter ^^;

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    from what i read, they both mean the same thing. so i dont really see a difference other then where your from. people is some country's call them diapers, and other places call them nappy.
    but you can call it whatever you want

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    Being from the US I call em diapers myself, or diapees/diadees if I'm RPing with somebody. Personally I use nappy when talking about taking an actual nap, but you know us Americans, we are oh so silly.

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    lol sometimes i also say diadess. and we are always silly

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    I prefer the term nappy. Diaper girl faye calls them that and I'm in love with her!! ^__^

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    I call them all time Diapees, or say Diapeed and such never can use diaper sounds to real.

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    "Diaper" is actually a French derivation, which is probably why the Brits prefer to use something else.

    I think the correct choice is relative to where you are or the context involved. For example, I have a British friend living in the States who grew up using nappies and now calls them "diapers." I have lived in the UK and have written for that market, so I called them "nappies" ... even though "diaper" is my term of choice. My French girlfriend calls them "couches," which is a cute term but lacks the transitive verb usage. For example, "diapered" is a transitive verb and I'm sure you could use "nappied" as well.

    The good folks in Ypres had no idea what they were doing to us when they came up with those little cotton squares centuries ago!

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    I have a problem with saying either (haven't been able to eliminate the association yet ), but I quite like the word "nappy" in a sad and baffled sort of way...mind you, "diaper" kind-of sounds cool. I don't know :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indianajones View Post
    I have a problem with saying either (haven't been able to eliminate the association yet ), but I quite like the word "nappy" in a sad and baffled sort of way...mind you, "diaper" kind-of sounds cool. I don't know :P
    how about dappy? or napiar?

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    I'm the type of person who says, "When in Rome..." So, I've grown up on the word diaper which means I have an automatic response to it. But, if I'm around a bunch of people who call it a nappy, then I will refer to it as such because it starts to become natural. Plus it's a weird thing I have where after a short while I tend to pick up a lot of sayings and mannerisms of the people I'm around. Maybe that's more natural than I think, or maybe I have a relatively large amount of mirror neurons, idk. But when talking about it, just say what comes naturally and don't over think it.

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