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Thread: always pushing. can that be damaging?

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    Default always pushing. can that be damaging?

    So I was figuring Id probly get the best advice over here for my question so my thread doesnt get lost in the ever growing nappy albums

    Now I am not incontinent and whilst sometimes its a desire; I always know that it just is not something to dream of being inflicted with and I have a deep respect for anybody who goes daily managing their needs.

    Haha so here is my question I feel like whenever I am nappied I have a tendency to always be pushing, like always trying to pee or always feeling i have to so pushing until i get something even i have to stand still for a minute to go. I honestly always find myself doing unintentionally, just like always feeling the need to dribble, or at least really often this happens. And I cannot help but think could be damaging to like the abdominals and urinary tract muscles. its like only when i'm in a diaper too :/ I dont normally do that if i'm not diapered.

    Does anybody have experience or knowledge about this could shed some light? I mean i'm not going to stop my diaper loving but maybe some validation might subconsciously cut back lol

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    no, your not harming you. In fact, by pushing all the time, you actually train the muscles, The only thing is, that you might end up shrinking your bladders capacity on the long run. However with strong muscles, that shouldn't be a problem.

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    the shrinking of badder size, is that a real problem? if so what kind of effects could it have

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    increasing urgency at lower levels! In the end you might not be able to reach the bathroom = Urge incontinence.

    However take it easy, that would take several years. If you still hold like normal, then your muscles will not suffer.

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    ok thats good to know. because sometimes i need to push really hard too. but not too often.

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