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Thread: Why does it hurt so much

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    Default Why does it hurt so much

    When I wear nappies/Diapers when I am out for a walk after three quarters of an hour to an hour they can start to chaff at my legs. This subject has probably been covered before but I haven't got the time to search for it so would you all please tell me how you cope and what you do to ease the hassle of chaffing as I would love to wear out more?

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    You need to reduce friction. These weren't designed for the mobile. I'm not sure I can think of an effective way of doing this. Perhaps powder or something along those lines.

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    Lots of baby powder. Desetin also works well. Any form of lubrication will stop your legs from chafing so quickly.

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    I suggest you put some Vaseline onto the chaffed area and let it heal before you try wearing again.

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    try a smaller size, the wrong size will cause chaffing

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    I agree with what people are saying. Is the diaper too small though? Is it uncomfortable to wear normally? Take those things into consideration as well.

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    Before I did my 5k walk in December, I put on diaper cream real heavy and then I wore underwear over them to hold them up and in place along with long johns because it was cold out. As someone else said, fit has a lot to do with it too.

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    i was able to run in a diaper and had no problem, just tightened it up

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    Thanks guy's

    I am wearing the correct size nappy/diaper. I will try the powder on the inside of my legs. I won't try the Vasilene as it can ruin any plastic coated products such as plastic pants which I like I like to wear. I am greatful to you for your suggestions and hope you keep coming up with more as I feel that my love for wearing nappies is comprimised by the inside of my legs. I will be in the UK in a few days and I will be meeting another ab/dl and I dont want my nappies to leave me sore especially if they want to change me.

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