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Thread: Hello There ^.^

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    Default Hello There ^.^


    I am an hyper, some what shy person.

    I came here out of interest with the regression side of things, I do wear diapers since I love them.

    I am a Gamer, I do play on PC, Playstation and the Xbox platforms, as for what types of video games depends on what i feel like playing but I do Play the following: FPS, RPG's, Racing, Fighting and some other ones that I can not thing of right now.

    I am here to find people that have the same interest as me and/or make new friends. I do want to read every one's story and I love to lurk. Mwahahaha. : D

    So yeah there is a little bit of my self, I look forward to meeting all kinds of people ^.^

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    Awesome to meet you! You should update your profile with whether you're an AB, DL, Little, etc.

    So many gamers on ADISC...I think you'll find a few people like you! Are you in school or employed at the moment? What do you do for a living?

    Anyways, great to have you here. Hope to see you around ADISC!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome ^.^

    I do want to go back in to study since I do not have a job at this time, I do want to work in the hotel industry or in hospitality hence the reason why I want to go back in to study.

    My bad for forgetting that part.

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    I'm also a gammer, and i also create games too.
    Ill also like to be friends with you since i havent found many people with similar interests.

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    Thank you Santa22 ^.^

    You will find more peeps with the same interest. Just dig a little deeper and there will be plenty of people ^.^

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