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Thread: Diapered at work

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    Do you get diapered up for work. Whats your thoughts and feelings on this Do you do it and how does it feel 4 u. I love it so much it makes the day a little bit better its like my own little secret soo cool (Note i only pee at work so no1 smells it and finds out if i gotta poo i slide it down) (Btw i use Bambino Bellissimo just in case your wondering)

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    I work at nights at a security company. I'm always diapered ^__^
    Makes it fun and exciting! Regardless I'm always diapered now because I chose to go 24/7 about four months ago. Best decision ever!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by WearingClouds View Post
    I work at nights at a security company. I'm always diapered ^__^ Makes it fun and exciting! Regardless I'm always diapered now because I chose to go 24/7 about four months ago. Best decision ever!!
    Good luck i've herd mixed results on that some good some bad like for example it can ruin your love for them i hope yous is nothing but good i want 2 do it too

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    Well I wear all the time so yes I do wear to work though I dont work often during the winter(handyman/welder).

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    i would be nervous at first wearing them at work. because ill be worried about leaks, or people noticing. and i get embarrassed really easily.
    and during the winter i would dream of wearing them in snow pants because i could just say "i didnt have time to take my snow pants off"

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    Diapers are actually sort of distracting to me to wear in public. Even in private, it takes a while to get over the excitement that I'm getting to be padded. I'm usually either on the go or don't want to waste a diaper for a 1-2 hour session (I'm very particular about when I wear). Because of which I have conflicts in my mind where I'm trying to focus on work and things about the diaper interrupt me. I start to get anxiety over things like: Can anyone hear it? Can anyone see it? Do I smell at all? Am I acting weird because of it? What if I have to poop? What if I leak? What if the constant walking in a wet diaper gives me a rash? All of those thoughts are rushing through my head while I'm also trying to enjoy the feeling of the padding, find the humor in 'being naughty' by wearing, and adjust myself as the day goes on.

    It makes it so much easier for me to just go in normal clothes and underwear so I can focus on the task at hand.

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    I don't wear in public often (if ever). Hardly even get to wear around the house. A couple months ago, though, my parents were both out of town. I came home from school, and since I was alone, I decided to put on one of my pullups. Then I got a call from my brother (also my manager at my job) that I was supposed to work that day- the new schedule had rotated in, and no one told me I was working the first shift after I had gotten home (I had even told my managers I couldn't work that shift). With no time to spare, I threw on my work uniform over my pullup and ended up wearing it for my 6 hour shift. I couldn't use it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.

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    I want to wear to work, but I don't know if it would be obvious or not. I work as a host in a restaurant and have to wear slacks/black jeans and a tucked in shirt. I'm wondering if it would be worth wearing with all the walking and moving I have to do during a shift. If it wasn't so risky I totally would but I'm not sure of I would be found out or not

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    well if you wear that and do decide to diaper up, need to be careful of leak because it could get all over your shirt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowDash728 View Post
    Btw i use Bambino Bellissimo just in case your wondering
    You wear bellissimos to work?! 0.0
    I'd be too afraid of the bulk and the waddle from it, getting noticed.

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