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Thread: I finally found someone like me in real life! (sort of)

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    Default I finally found someone like me in real life! (sort of)

    As someone who has wet the bed most of my life, it's not often that I run into any others my age who are in the same boat. And even then, I have worn diapers every night for about a decade now, which even fewer people have done. So let me tell you what happened last weekend... (All names have been changed to protect the innocent)

    My friend Tamara was talking about our other friend Brittany, who is very close to her but not as close to me. Tamara had a bit to drink (lol) so she wasn't watching what she was saying and accidentally dropped a bombshell. This is how the conversation went, as best as I can remember:

    Me: "So I haven't seen Brittany in a few weeks"
    Tamara: "She was over at my house last night... she peed the bed again"
    Me: "Wait, what?"
    Tamara: "Yeah, I mean it's not a big deal, she pees the bed all the time"
    Me (trying to be clever): "You should get her some pull-ups"
    Tamara: "She wears them! Well, usually, but she forgot last night and it got all over everywhere, she was so embarrassed... oh my god don't tell her I told you this, I'm such a blabbermouth"
    Me: "She shouldn't be embarrassed! It's nothing to be ashamed of"
    Tamara: "Yeah, well she gets so upset if she forgets to put on her... (hestitates) 'pull-ups' or forgets to bring them, because I have to help her clean up and..."
    Me: "OK, I won't say anything about that"

    Brittany doesn't know that I'm a bedwetter or wear diapers, and I can't tell her about what Tamara said... but I wanna figure out some way to bring up bedwetting or diapers in private conversation with her (maybe I could make it about me and hope she'll open up to me in return).

    Finally a friend my age in the same situation as me! I don't wanna sound selfish, especially if Brittany isn't very happy about it (I don't know if she likes wearing diapers or not), but if I could get a real-life friend to talk to who knows exactly what my life is like ('cause she also lives it), I'd love it.

    Has anyone else had an "I'm not alone" moment like that? Any advice for how to handle it?

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    what a nice story, if you really like Brittany you should ask her out sometime. at least you two have one thing in common

    And no i havent meet someone with this same thing (i dont wet the bed, but i do like diapers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonette View Post
    ... Any advice for how to handle it?
    You say you don't know her as well as Tamara so proceed with caution. Tamara said she gets embarrassed by her bedwetting so I would let Brittany bring it up, if at all. I would just hang out with her for awhile and casually ask her out if the opportunity arises. Again, don't bring up yours or her bedwetting. If she found out that Tamara told you, you could lose two friends. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    You could tell 'Tamera' and then she could act as a bridge to tell 'Brittany' "I found someone else who.."
    But I doubt you want to tell 'Tamera' So I guess either hinting or out right outing your self to 'Brittany' or doing as zipperless said, are you're only options. besides doing nothing.

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    Hmmm... thanks everyone for the tips. I am really gonna have to tread lightly here. I don't mind to 'out' myself... at this point in my life if a friend can't accept me for who I am then I don't want them as my friend anyway, and obviously it wouldn't be anything Tamara or Brittany aren't familiar with already. But I think I will need to put it on ice for a while so it doesn't get traced back to what Tamara blurted out over the weekend. I will need to wait for a situation where it can come up more organically. I got the impression that Brittany wearing diapers to sleep is certainly not a secret among her closer friends, but I will need to get to her inner circle first.

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    One of the things that worked for me in a situation kind of like this is the following. I had a friend that had told me that his girlfriend had a problem with wetting the bed when drinking too much. He had known about my diapers though a drunken confession to him one night and he was trying to find a way to get his girlfriend ok with wearing diapers to bed when she drinks too much. So one time when I was over at their house drinking and have a good time I was told that I would have to stay the night because I was too drunk to drive. He just soon after saying that blurted out asking if I had my diaper bag in my car for the night. I said I did and went out to get it. When I came back in his girlfriend asked why I had a diaper bag. I told her that I sometimes wet myself when drinking so I wore diapers. This led to a conversation about them and me showing her the diapers I had (Bambinos) then actually showing her that I had one on at that time. I went and changed my diaper and we continued drinking and talking. A while later we decided it was time to go to bed, I went and changed my diaper again and my friend came to me and asked for his girlfriend. I gave him one then I went to bed. Then next morning during coffee she said thanks for the diaper and asked where she could get some seeing how she had a problem of wetting the bed when drinking. I told her and as far as I know she did order some. I moved away and only talk to them once in a while and diapers don't really come up in conversation but I did ask her about 2 years ago if she was still using the diapers when drinking. She said that she was but that she also has quit drinking so much so that it is not really a problem now like it used to be. So I don't know if that will help you break the ice but maybe it will.

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