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Thread: How common are Diaper Lovers in the population, are there more than they were?

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    Default How common are Diaper Lovers in the population, are there more than they were?

    I've been wondering about just how common the love of wearing diapers is.

    Those of us who are DL's generally know we need to be very discrete about this, that the majority of society would not understand or accept it.

    However, I do wonder just how common of a special interest and/or fetish it is.

    We really have no easy way to know. By way of comparison, I've heard estimates that at least 5% of males crossdress regularly (to use another unconventional clothing preference as an example). That estimate came from emergency room personnel who said that roughly 5% of adult males who came in to the ER were in women's underwear, and that's just a rough ballpark figure to see that it's not incredibly uncommon if one out of every 20 guys in a random crowd has a pair of panties on.

    For diaper lovers, we're not likely to get an estimate like that. I feel safe in assuming that most DL's don't wear out in public very often, if at all, so the same sampling purpose wouldn't apply.

    However, I do wonder if it's becoming more common, and if more women are becoming involved with it.

    I'd been looking around on the internet for diaper-related sites and information since the late '90's when I was first on the web. Back then, as some of you may remember, there wasn't a whole lot. Definitely not a lot of message boards, not a lot of websites, not a lot of anything. I also noticed that the vast majority of people on those few boards and with the websites that were out there, were men.

    I saw a personal page once, a little over a decade ago, of a female diaper lover who admitted she seldom saw any acknowledgement that there were other women with the same interest, but she didn't care.

    However, in the last decade, and definitely over the last 5 years, I've seen a significant rise in the number of sites, of a variety of levels of taste and maturity, discussing and catering to AB/DL issues. Message boards, blogs, sites of various kinds, it's a far better time to be on the web as a diaper lover than it was a decade ago, that's for sure.

    That appearance of there being few female AB/DL's is also gone. Judging by a quick check of the blogosphere, there are many blogs and photoblogs of female diaper lovers, often discussing balancing wearing their diapers with being a mother or finding a diaper-friendly boyfriend. There's practically a genre on Tumblr of women taking selfies with their smartphones while showing off that they are wearing a diaper.

    Is this a real change in the demographic? Are there more women now with that as a fetish, or are they just more comfortable talking about it? Are diaper lovers in general more common than they were, and if so, just how common are they? Or is the amount the same as it always was and everyone is just a little more open about it and willing to talk about it online?

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    Honestly, this data is kind of impossible to obtain. This topic comes up often, and nobody's really able to give a satisfactory answer.

    The thing is that we are limited in our sources. We can look at the membership of a few different ABDL-related websites as a guide, but obviously the community is split between sites. We can look at how many people are listed as being "into diapers" on Fetlife, but Fetlife's membership is also very limited in scope. Also, lots of people don't use these sites and prefer to only do things in person or maybe don't even know sites like this exist. I'm sure there are plenty of individuals who just quietly enjoy Depends on the side or just repress their desires. Taking all of this into account, it's really difficult to get any sort of estimate.

    I think the best way to do it (although still extremely flawed) would be to use a kink-group that we can get a good idea of the size of, compare its membership to that of Fetlife, and use that ratio combined with the number of people into "ABDL" or "diapers" on Fetlife to approximate. The problem is that the ratio of people with another kink on Fetlife to real life is not really reliable since Fetlife is specifically targeted at BDSM stuff, the most likely candidate for use in comparison due to the much higher availability of information on it.

    In summary, we really don't have any sort of decent way to estimate how prevalent ABDLism is in the general population. At most, we can make lowball estimates based on website membership counts, but those numbers are likely to be low due to the fact that ABDLism isn't really approved of/known of enough to gain the numbers online that BDSM and related kinks have.

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    i agree, i would love to know if there was anyone in my area (girls) that had this same thing as me. but i wont just come out and ask "do you ware diapers"
    And another thing is they should do some kind of test to see what % of population wears diapers over the age of 10 (my guess for the age when you shouldnt really be wearing anymore)

    Also another thing i herd is that in japan, lot of girls actually wear diapers so they can get more done, but im not sure what % of the population does that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa22 View Post
    Also another thing i herd is that in japan, lot of girls actually wear diapers so they can get more done, but im not sure what % of the population does that.
    Honestly, I highly, highly doubt that.

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    Wow. That is actually pretty neat. I wouldn't say that this might become mainstream, but still, I don't doubt that this could become a slightly common thing. Wouldn't that be cool? :P

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    Yea i do wish it would become more common, because then i wouldnt be to worried about this secret.

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    Of course there's a big difference between wearing diapers because you can't take a bathroom break, and wearing for pleasure. This subject has come up many times, and there was a good mathematical case made for 1/10,000. I always believed it was greater than that because I knew of kids in high school who were into it. One of my best friends was, and I only knew because I went over to his house at about the same time his mom caught him and all hell was breaking loose. I also had another friend who told me he enjoyed wetting his pants. Then there was me, but I wasn't saying anything.

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    Did a quick couple of comparisons on Google Trends... This could be a way to put things into perspective...

    Approx. 75 searches for BDSM for one search for Diaper Fetish...

    ABDL yields 3 results for every 75 BDSM result

    Adult Diaper yields 2 results for every 51 searches for Spanking

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    my best guess is that ab/dl's make up about 10% of the total population. It seems like a lot but when you consider all of the people identifying on such on the web and even more that don't it seems like a fair estimate, and I would also estimate that about 35 - 40 % of ab/dls fall on the dl side of things

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