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Thread: Hello from Scotland a fellow brony and furry

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    Arrow Hello from Scotland a fellow brony and furry

    I live in Arbroath in scotland [Removed] And I suffer stress incontinence due to my Asbergers syndrome :/

    Am allso a furry and a brony
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    Welcome to stable's that are adisc.
    My root's are from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brustkle View Post
    I live in Arbroath in scotland [Removed], And I suffer stress incontinence due to my Asbergers syndrome :/

    Am allso a furry and a brony
    ADISC is not a dating site. It's against the rules to post personal ads looking for girlfriends/boyfriends. What we are, however, is a support community, where adult babies, diapers lovers, and similar folk can discuss lots of different things, from diapers all the way to different hobbies. You might want to familiarize yourself with the rules of the forum, found here:
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    Hello from Wales. Good to have you here.

    If I may (although I'm not the right person to give advice about girlfriends and relationships), the best way to finding a girlfriend here would be to first focus on finding "just" friends and then who knows, maybe you'll be lucky. Otherwise, as Kimba has indicated, your odds won't be that high.

    A good way to find potential friends, especially in this intro section, is to write a little bit about your interests and what you like besides diapers and furries.

    This might also help:

    Also have a look at the Mature Topics and Off Topic sections, there might be threads about things you are interested in, which are great places to meet like minded people.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome

    And sorry for trying to advertise myself for a gf my apologies

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    Don't worry Brustkle. I remember someone posting elsewhere in this intro section that some of the most long time helpful and valuable members of the forum had made some of the worst introductions when they were first starting.

    Your profile says that you fix cars and buses as a hobby. That's interesting, I didn't know that a single individual can fix buses as a hobby (you must have a big garage, or garden). I would probably have problems even changing oil, but we can still be friends I guess.

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