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Thread: Thinking About Getting One of These

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    Default Thinking About Getting One of These

    Saw these online and thought about getting one. You guys think it's worth the money? I wear diapers every night due to nocturnal enuresis. So I thought one of these would be best for diaper disposal.

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    If it's only nightly, I'd suggest going for a smaller bin. Additionally, I'd suggest going for something like the Diaperchamp, which can use any bag, instead of being forced to buy the expensive proprietary continuous liners.

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    Well my enuresis has started during the day too. Still most at night though.

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    Sounds like a lot of money for something that you can do yourself with plastic bags. Yes it would be convenient but is that worth the price? Only you can justify that spending.

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    Well, I like the concept always having a fresh bag in place as soon as I pull the dirty one out.

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    I really don't think that it's necessary. Have you looked into the baby ones? I'm sure they would fit in those as well.

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    I don't think it's worth it either. There are cheaper pails out there too. I have a diaper pail for my cloth diapers. For my disposables, which I sometimes wear, I just throw them in the trash can where all the other trash goes.

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    If you are throwing out 3 or more diapers a day, you might consider a Dekor diaper pail. They are about half the price of the one you linked to.

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    You can pick up a used diaper champ on Craigslist get the big hole one they use those for adult products reason for bigger opening.
    Lot cheaper that way.

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    I have the large size and like it. It is definitely more money, but if you have the cash to spend it is worth it. It seals up when closed and it is easy to use.

    Just be careful when the package is delivered. If anyone sees the box, there is nothing left to the imagination

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    I am pretty sure it says Adult Diaper Pail system on the box. I live alone and don't worry about the FedEx or UPS people. But if you live in an apartment or live with someone else, plan ahead.

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    I'm not worried. People knowing that I have to wear diapers doesn't bother me.

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