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Thread: bottles vs cups?

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    Default bottles vs cups?

    i was just thinking for a minute, about 1 years ago, i was trying drinking out of a bottle. it was good for a while until it started to hurt my teeth a bit. but now i was just thinking, what does everyone here prefer to drink out of? and why

    for me cups, but i might drink out of bottles again because i'm so clumsy and spill my cups everywhere

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    Id like to spill a cup and have someone tell me I am not old enough for cups and tell me I have to use a bottle like a baby, but honestly I like cups, bottles are a novelty

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    well clumsy isnt the only reason, as i said, i liked drinking out of the bottle. just felt kinda good.

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    I drink the majority of my time either from a bottle, or from a can of soda. Cups only when i'm not eating at my place.

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    I now love my new bottle so much i carried it to school and drank it in morning where no one can see and i drank it while walking home it oddly makes me feel i think a bit young. I like it. i even have some more things i now carry everywhere.

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    Thats the best part of bottles, you can take them anywhere. where cups you really cant (unless you have a lid)

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    It depends on my mood, honestly. I like using my bottle, but more as a calming ready-to-sleep thing since the flow is pretty slow for me. In the daytime, I stick to plastic cups with cute designs and sippy cups when I'm alone. c:

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa22 View Post
    Thats the best part of bottles, you can take them anywhere. where cups you really cant (unless you have a lid)
    I think the alternative to bottles for most people here would be sippy cups, which you can take anywhere and which don't spill any easier than bottles.

    Personally, I've not really used bottles that much, but I'd like to sometime. I think sippy cups are a more independent kind of feeling for me while bottles would really want a caretaker and be a social thing.

    EDIT: And most people here don't drink out of bottles/sippies full time, just when they're in an AB/little mood.

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    Well i have both sippys and bottles and want to use them both on different events.

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    i remembered using bottles again like i said. it was weird but felt kinda good, loved the flow of it

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