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Thread: My story of diapers, and other things

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    Default My story of diapers, and other things

    ever since i was a kid, i remember liking to wear diapers, and right around the time i was 13 i liked the feeling of peeing and pooping myself. (but at this time i didnt use diapers)
    just that nice warm feeling of peeing. and feeling it on just feels so good. then theres the poop. just that nice warm squishy feeling on my..behind was so good. so for years i would just do it in my pants/underwear.
    this went on for a while. and a couple times almost getting caught.
    but i always find a way to do it without people or family members finding out.
    however no matter what, i just knew that something was missing (diapers)
    right around when i was 22, my brother got married and had a kid. and they lived with us at the time i didnt think much of it until they brought home diapers.
    right then i was happy for a couple years just sneaking a diaper every so often. they were a bit small but they worked. and i loved it so much.
    when he grew out of them it was so sad but it was still great.
    and now soon (maybe sometime this month) i want to start buying diapers. because i miss the feeling so much. just that nice warm feelings.
    sometimes i still go in my pants. but now i use a towel so i dont make too big of a mess. but i cant wait until i start getting diapers.
    and even right now typing this, i want to use the bathroom in my pants so bad.

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    started at 13 wearing diapees 24/7 and doing anything for diapees even using clothes or wearing diapers 48 hours.

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    I think the longest i ever went with dirty "diaper" (made from towels), was just 3 hours. but that was mostly because i wanted to make sure i was clean for when parents got home so they didn't know

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