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Thread: Pacifiers "R" Us (Suspected Malware?)

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    Default Pacifiers "R" Us (Suspected Malware?)

    I just tried to go over to this site and my computer gave me a message warning me of "Suspected Malware".

    Is there a real threat? Should I stay away?

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    No such messages here, what browser/AV software are you using? I'm using Firefox 3.0 and Avast! Home Edition.

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    Hmmm, not familiar with Safari (PC User all the way). Does it generate many false positives?

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    I got to ask, why would a site that caters to adult baby's have a virus on its site? I can't think of any so I think its safe.

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    i thought it was unusual. i have been on that site before with no problems

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    I get the same thing. Avast! popped up and said it blocked somethingorother.

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    Websites that don't have updated software can be hacked into and viruses/malaware can be embedded on that website. If anti-virus gives you a warning you're better off avoiding that particular site until it has its issues resolved. You could also try contacting the webmaster/creator of the website if their e-mail is listen.

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    You're also better off avoiding Safari. It's a security disaster, as are most other Apple products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyWolf View Post
    You're also better off avoiding Safari. It's a security disaster, as are most other Apple products.
    Why don't you just paint a huge bullseye on yourself and get it over with (you're just asking to be proven wrong)?

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