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Thread: Afraid of telling people...

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    Default Afraid of telling people...

    So yeah, I'm into ABDL stuff and I'm afraid to express my self due to still living with parents, etc. Any tips, advice?

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    These citations may help: (this citation is more accurate and thought out)

    I also recommend looking at the documentary "15 Stone Babies".

    But most importantly, know where you stand with ABDL and where your parents stand with other kinds of kinks that are equal to, but not as bad as ABDL, will help you gauge a more accurate response as well.

    Good luck...
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    As Note says above, learn as much as you can about yourself first, and then relax and let things take a natural course. There's no point in forcing things unnecessarily. Most of us have had to live for a time in secret. Unfortunately, that's just how it is.

    Sure, if you feel that you are with very trustworthy people or others who understand different ways of being, then try it out.

    It's not so great having to hide such an important part of who you are, but it's important to protect yourself and avoid being hurt.

    Good luck

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    I really see no reason to tell your parents or friends. I never feel any good can come out of it and even if they accept you for wearing diapers, they will never look at you in the same way again. What is your reasoning for wanting to tell them?

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    there could actually be a couple reasons, he might not want to hide it anymore. and that will make less stress on him worrying about people finding out.
    or he just want them to know because he doesn't like lying to them

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    Hey just look at the Infantilism site and let it happen it oddly progresses naturally and just goes on without help. I learned how it just progresses as it is natural it is how i became a AB.

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    Last time I told this to someone they laughed at me and looked at me as if I was a freak. So I was in a bad situation here, been into the diaper thing since I was 10, gave up on it for awhile and recently got back in it. So yeah I have a hard time trusting people. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Armos View Post
    Last time I told this to someone they laughed at me and looked at me as if I was a freak. So I was in a bad situation here, been into the diaper thing since I was 10, gave up on it for awhile and recently got back in it. So yeah I have a hard time trusting people. :P
    You don't have to tell them then. The only time you should tell is when you are caught or have a trust level that is very high. I wouldn't tell anyone, even if you are at a willing stage, because people can he hurtful, no one understands our fetish, others believe it's a role of life to be an AB and many people are damn proud of that! It does hurt when your told off by people, the trick is to ignore them. They are missing out on some fluffiness while they sit on hard-ass rocks while we have fluffy pillows to sit on

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    I know right? I'm afraid to tell my parents because they would find it strange and weird. And I'm an adult so that'll make them think it's even more weird. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the fetish and I know allot of people know [email protected] or w/e u call it because my buddy is into that, I told him I'm into ABDL stuff and hes like ok so he was cool with it, wish there were more people like that honestly.

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    I personally don't see a reason to come out to friends and family unless they catch you and damage would otherwise happen. I've never come out to anyone except those I've met through communities like these (which is kind of inherently known already).

    Yeah I used to get anxiety about getting caught and I used to get a little depressed that I'd be hiding who I really was with my family and friends, but I let it all pass because I've convinced myself that coming out is selfish. What I mean by that is some people can be really hurt or emotionally damaged knowing that the person they know is actually someone totally different. It takes really wise and understanding people to get over the realization and these types of people are spread far and thin. So I decided they don't need to know what they don't know - its unnecessary information, like, for instance, telling your boss that you plan on farting sometime within the next hour. I've mostly overcome the depression by meshing the social traits of my vanilla life and my ABDL life but not so much to be a give away in any sort.

    Yeah, at times people suspect that I might be gay, or bi, or whatever, but I let them suspect that and just brush it off saying "who cares" or just some general 'why does it matter' statement and then fortifying it by saying "its practically 2015, who cares if I'm gay?" if things get thicker than that I'll just start ignoring them, but that has never been an occurrence.

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